Yeah, girls, she's lucky to be so liberated

So free

So lucky to live

(With perfect airbrushed lips and skin)

in America, where


is a foreign word.

Yeah, girls, she's lucky to live

in the land of the free

no burqas or prejudice

Just blowjobs and girlfriends as a package deal

And if you can handle

the eyes

of the men on the street who feel


to their daily dose of porn


America, where you have the right to appear,


a sweating beer can between your breasts and a

smile selling femininity,

plastered on billboards from the east coast to the west

is the place for you.

Yeah, girls, this is the equality of

The new world—

a cute under-eighteen


sixty-year-olds on the internet in a greasy mask

cut from a potato chip bag, sharp salty edges staining white skin and

white salty cum in white salty pearls staining red lips for

fifty bucks

a head.

Yeah, girls, we're lucky, and

yeah, girls, you'd better envy us

Shed those burqas, girls, because this

Is what I call freedom.