Forgive your sins but don't forget

The battles you fought with all the demons you met

The lies you told, just let them die

The tears you held back, break down and cry

Bathe in the crimson blood of your fathers

Like rebirth; a baptism in holy water

Never give up, but unclench your fists

Let heal the wounds across your wrists

The pain will ease but scars will only fade

As a faint reminder of the price you once paid

But that's over now, stand up and move along

Get back on the path, dust yourself off, walk on

Let everything go, let it all wash away

You can start again another day

It's never too late as long as you're living

So never forget, just keep on forgiving

( Author's Note: Kind of quick, ne? Not one of my better pieces... Just something I thought of during Algebra and wrote down. I guess I wanted to put it up here because it would be my first poem on this new account, so I could start over. And no, the line about blood of the fathers is not as morbid as it seems. If you don't understand it, send me an email and I will explain. Once again, this is not my best work, I promise! If I disappointed anyone, would you kindly give me another chance? If you liked it, well... yay! Please R&R and the favor will be returned. Thanks for listening to me rant :P Oh, and any suggestions for a title would be appreciated! )

x. Lady Blackbird .x