Part 2

By Storm December

A/N: Well here is the long over do pt. 2 I hope you enjoy it! Thank you again Khaoskit, I hope you like this one just as much!! ;-)

Take it, have it, I don't want it anymore.

My heart is broken.

My soul is torn.

You've left me a melody,

Without a song.

A caged bird.

A fallen angel.

Whose heaven's gone wrong.

My world now is a requiem,

Of a dreamer's lost hope.

And I can't find a reason, to go on anymore.


You promised me forever,

And now you've left me alone.

To wallow in the memories,

Of a love that's no more.

You're death wasn't your choosing,

But it's hard not to cry.

And blame you sometimes,

In the solitude of night.

The moon may hide my reason,

In it's eclipse of the light.

But even at daybreak,

I'm still not alright.


So have it, take it, I don't want it, it's yours.

Your love is too painful, to carry alone.

My body is empty.

My happy ending's collapsed.

I believe it's safe to say,

I'm shattered.