The Stars' Secret Tales

By Storm December

Twinkling stars,

Whisper me your secrets.

It's only you and I here tonight.

Tell me the tale of Orion's Belt,

And the Phoenix's adventures of flight.


Whisk me away,

To the Milky Way,

To be dipped,

In the Big Dipper of time.

And tell me of a hero,

The Great Bear's equal.

Hercules should do just fine.


Tell me of Cassiopeia,

Queen of Ethiopia.

A beautiful mother I'm sure.

Speak of Gemini,

Twins of the Zodiac sings.

And Aries of elemental fire.


Oh, weavers of tales,

Please tell me your tales,

Of the legends that swim in your seas.

As I sail to your abode,

Destination unknown.

On a ship of wondrous dreams.