Waiting For More

By Storm December


Summary: One-shot. I don't know why I insist on doing this to myself. Well that's not true. It's because I love him, and I'll take what I can get. Even if I do want more, than he can seem to give. M/M with explicit content, if you don't like it, don't read it. You have been warned.

I don't know why I insist on doing this to myself. Well that's not true. It's because I love him, and I'll take what I can get. Even if I do want more, than he can seem to give. We've been having our secret meetings in the office bathroom for years now, but it's never escalated past that. We've never gone on a date or anything. Hell we've never even talked outside of work, neither one of us having the others phone number or place of address. But I love him, and he loves me and that terrifies him. But now he's leaving this office, transferring, and I don't know where we stand. Nor do I know if I should ask him about it or not. If I ask him I could scare him away for good, but if I wait and see what happens I could never see him again. It's almost time for our meeting and I'm sweating bullets right now.

"James? Aren't you suppose to be on your lunch-brake right now?" Susan, my secretary, asks me.

"Um, yes. Thank you Susan," I say getting up from my desk.

"Oh, no problem sir. See you in an hour," she says smiling then walks off.

I grab my suit jacket from the back of my door as I exit my office and head to the bathroom. He's always a few minutes late so I take comfort in the fact that I'll have a bit more time to think.


As I enter the bathroom though, I see him leaning up against the sink with is arms crossed over his chest. He looks as though he's deep in thought and he doesn't notice me at first. He doesn't look up until he hears the door lock, and when he does he just stares at me for a moment.

When he finally does approach me, he does it slowly and languidly. When he reaches me he cups my cheek with his hand softly and stares at my eyes and my features. Then he leans in slowly and brushes my lips with his and I just can't stay silent anymore. I have to ask.

"B…" I start.

"Shhh," he cuts me off, and kisses me softly again.

He starts pressing his body closer to mine and I no longer want to talk anymore. I just want to feel. Feel him, feel his touch, feel his kiss, feel his presents. Just feel him. He presses our bodies tighter and kisses me harder as his hands move to undo my tie and unbutton my shirt. Our breathing is heavier and my hands start pulling his shirt out from his pants. He gets my shirt undone and pulls it off along with my tie and suit jacket then hangs them up on the back of the door. 'I always did wonder who put hooks on the back of the bathroom door.' I think, but he stops that thought process when his hands return to my skin and he starts kissing me again. He starts moving down my jaw to my neck but I stop him to take his shirt off then I undo his belt. We remove the rest of each others clothes then he pulls our naked bodies flush against each other again.

He moves us to the other side of the bathroom, just incase we make too much noise, and presses me back against the wall across from the door. Then he lifts me up off the floor and I rap my legs around his waist. I had enough sense to grab the lube and condom from my pocket before he removed my pants, and I press them into his hand. He grinds our groins together and we groan at the sensation. Then he slicks his fingers with the lube and enters one into me. I buck against him and moan trying to press harder on his finger and I hear him chuckle a bit at me. I smile but then bite my lip in ecstasy as he forces his finger deeper. He pulls out but then enters me with two fingers before I register his absence. He scissors his fingers then thrusts them in deep hitting my prostate head on. I rise up on his body arch my back and gasp. It's a few minutes before I start breathing again and by that time he has three of his fingers inside me.

"Are you ready for me?" he says breathily into my mouth.

"Yes. Oh, yes," I groan out as he removes his fingers.

I feel the slick head of is condom rapped member as he presses it to my entrance and I can barely restrain myself from pushing down onto it. He enters me slowly and I feel my eyes water in bliss and my heart drop at the thought that I might be losing all of this. He kisses a tear softly from my cheek.

"Shhh, 'Angel'," he says softly then fills me completely.

He pauses like that and kisses my lip softly again. Then he peppers soft kisses all over my face as I try to stop the tears from falling. After a moment he nibbles my ear and rocks his hips into me moving slowly.

"Oh, 'Bastion'," I moan as my head lulls back against the wall.

I feel him smile against my neck as he pulls out halfway and enters me slowly again. The friction between us rubs my member wonderfully as he sets a mellow rhythm for the joining of our bodies. His lips find mine again and I kiss him almost desperately. My fingers' digging into his shoulders as the sensation builds within me.

"Faster. Please faster," I breathe pulling out of the union of our lips as my head falls back again.

'Bastion' grants me my request and movies faster, and I moan rather loudly as my ecstasy intensifies. He pulls my face back down to his so his lips can keep me quiet. Or at least muffle the sound as I refuse to stop making noise and he can't help but join in a little. Our movements speed up more and our lips part as he grunts with the action, and he buries his face in the side of my neck. My fingers claw at his back as I feel my release building, and he movies even faster as I pant in his ear.

"More," I pant as I feel myself so close, and he grunts even more as he tries to comply.

I'm so, so close but for some reason I can't grasp it, and the tears come again as I realize that I don't want this to end. 'Bastion' removes his forehead from my neck and looks me in the eyes.

"Cum for me," he whispers and I can hold on no longer.

Rapture courses through my body as I climax and I'd scream his name if I had the breath, but unfortunately, or fortunately, I can only gasp his name. He thrusts into me one last time, before he grunts and gasps my name as he empties himself as well. We cling to each other as we ride out our passion, euphoria clouding our minds. Then as we begin to come down he peppers my face and neck with soft kiss as he pulls out of me slowly and lowers my legs to the floor. I lean against the wall for support as I try to catch my breath. We still hold each other close and he pants in my ear.

We finally part and wash up a bit, and then get redressed in silence. And as I finish tying up my tie at the sinks I turn from the mirror and look at him standing by the door. He looks up at me and smiles when he finishes buckling his belt. Then he takes my jacket off of the door, walks over and stands in front of me and cups my cheek again. He barely brushes his lips against mine.

"I love you," he then whispers. Then he lays my jacket in my arms, kisses me one last time and walks away.

I stand frozen there for what I'm sure is only a moment, but what feels like hours. Then turn around to face the mirror, lean my hands on the sink in front of me and force myself not to cry. 'You can break down when you get home, but not now. Not at work.' I think to myself repeatedly until I'm sure my resolve is set. Then I stand up straight, make sure I look presentable then walk out of the bathroom door and back to my office.

"How was your lunch sir?" Susan asks smiling as I walk past her desk.

"Oh, it was fine," I say with a fake smile, but she doesn't notice.

I put my jacket on the back of my chair sit down at my desk and sigh as I get back to work, pushing the events of today from my mind.


It's not until I walk through the door of my one bedroom flat, that the things that occurred today come crashing down on me. I enter my room drop my briefcase on the floor then lie down on my bed and cry. 'I love him so much and I know he loves me. He even told me before he left! I should have stopped him or said something! I'm so stupid!' I berate myself in my mind. I roll over to my side and hear paper crinkle under me, but when I reach to get it I don't feel anything but the bed sheets. I sit up a little and look, but I don't see anything. I stare at the sheets for a minute before I think to check the pocket of the suit jacket I'm still wearing.

I pull out a folded piece of paper, open it and read:

Stop crying now my Angel, and call me when you get home. I love you.



And underneath his name is his telephone number.

Le Fin

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