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I watched as Isaac and David placed the large wooden piece on the back of the double doors, sealing us in.

"Well that oughta... hold em" Isaac said, brushing strands of his blond hair back from hisforehead.

"Them who? The spirits or us?" Maria asked sarcastically, flipping her blond curls back, her green eyes scanning the lobby we were in.

"How are you doin Lee?" Erika turned to me, and I managed a small smile.

"Pretty good" I grabbed my jumper, hauling it over my head with a little difficulty and pulling it off. I felt a bit of pain from a recent bruise under my arm, rubbing it a little.

"You should have stayed in hospital longer" David muttered, those serious brown eyes on me. I rolled my own dark, unusual eyes "I'm fine. It's just a couple of bruises. I can do this job. Its what I signed up for isnt it"

Maria snorted, and Isaac shook his head.His baby blue eyes giving the room a once over, before turning back to me.

"If you get killed youve only got yourself to blame"

I smiled at him, then saluted.

"Aye aye commedant!"

He just sighed, walking off in the direction of the stairs.

"Not like we can do anything else with our lives" Maria muttered, following him.

Erika looked at me "Are you sure you're gonna be okay?"

"Yep. Now lets get going" I straightened my white singlet top, nodding at her, and going after the others.

I heard her sigh, but seconds later she was in front of me.

"You just wont quit will you?"


"Stupid telepath"

"Stupid pyromaniac"

She rolled her eyes.

"I'll burn you"

"I'll return the favour"

"Can we get the shield lady up front please? I'd like to live to see my next halloween" David mumbled.

"We don't even have halloween here you dumbass"

"Uuuuum...." He blushed, and I pushed him aside, standing up the front and placing up a very mild shield in front of us. I didn't need to use up too much energy straight off.

"So whats the story with this place?" Maria asked, yawning as we started up the first set of stairs.

"Its an old, supposedly haunted hotel" Isaac said simply.

"Aaaany more info?" Erika pressed, and I just knew she was messing with her power. She got like that when she was jittery, usually just before we started another job.

And who wouldnt?We chased down ghosts and what notallweek long.

"Well,these guys seem to be able to materialise and interact with their... victims"

"And I am taking that as aveeerry bad thing for us"I muttered, watching my feet as I climbed the stairs. We reached the top step, and Isaac pointed in the right direction.

"Yup. A more difficult case"

"Which is why he didnt want you coming along" Maria flicked her hair again, sighing dramaticly.

"Ohplease, I've been worse of than a few bruises"

"Still-"I felt a hand on my arm, andI turned around to see... Isaacs face very close to mine as he put hishands on my shoulders. I felt a blush creeping to my cheeks.

"I don'twant to loose you. So be careful, okay?"

"Uuum, okay?" Iknew I was probably very red in the face bythen. He was so close... I could have almost-

Isaac and I felt it at the same time.I managed to get a shield up before the thing slammedthrough the wall, almost takingus with it.

It slammed into the force field with amazing force, and I almost lost it.

"Move it!" Isaac grabbed my hand, hauling me down the hallway with the others not too far behind.

"Hoooooly shiiiiit!" David yelped as we all darted around a corner, seeing something fly past us.

"Was....that a mini bull?" Maria asked, panting.

"Nooo... I think that was a big ass fuckin dog" Erika chanced a look around the corner, quickly darting her head back in.

"Agreed" I muttered, shaking my head.

"It still there?"

"No. I think it dissapeared into the wall or something"

"That is just...not natural" David groaned. I managed to grin at him.

"Well its what we do. Not natural stuff"

"Super-freakin-unbelievable-natural stuff" Erika managed to get out in one breath. I looked at her and we shared a grin.

Our lives were just too wierd. Even as weird as we were...sometimes they could just get...too weird.

"I think its coming back" Isaac muttered. Everyone quietened, and we listened.


And I couldn't sense anything either.

"LeeAnn" Isaac whispered in my ear"Do you think-"

"Shh!" I hushed him, trying to keep my focus on the vanishing dog thing, as well as whatever else was out there. I totally couldn't think about Isaac at a time like this.

In fact, I shouldnt even be thinking about him at all. He was with Maria and-

Dammit! Back to the current problem!

I waited, listening, messing with strands of my dark hair eventually out of nerves.

I saw Erika peek out again, suddenly darting her head back in. Her normally pale face looked white as a sheet.

"Um...guys? We have a problem"

"Which would beeeee..." David trailed off.

"We have um... just a fewum... demon dogs um... ready to come after us?"

"How many are a few?" I asked, knowing this wasn't going to end good. If they were as big as the thing we saw...

"Um... looks like... a dozen?"

I suddenly felt their presence as they started to move, looking up at Issac who nodded.

"Run for it you morons!"

We didn't need to be told twice.

We all ran towards the first door we could find, and David turned the handle.

"Um... its locked?" He panicked as we finally caught sight of the massive monstrosities.

"Here, let me" I focused on the door, finding I couldn't budge it.

"Another one! Hurry!" Maria snapped. Everyone darted off again, and I was puzzled as to why I couldn't open it.

"They're screwing with us" Isaac muttered hauling me along, and we turned back to the drooling mongrels that were thirsting for our blood.

Isaac clicked his fingers, a lightning bolt shooting out, hitting one and making it yelp and fall back.

"Good job. You got one of them. NOW WHAT ABOUT THE REST?!" I heard David yelp from somewhere.

"Hey you want to do this?!" Isaac hissed as we darted around another corner, following the other three, who were desperately looking fora door that would open. I placed up a shield, knowing we'd need it when they reached us, managed to throw another dog back into the pile, making a few more fall back.

"Sure! I'd love to have you power! What good is water?!"

"Shut up!"


"I found one!"


We turned to see the others shooting into the room, and we followed, slamming the door shut behind us.

I put up a shield seconds before they all slammed into the door.

"That was lucky" David muttered, and I just gave him a long look.

"Haven't you learnt not to say that word by now"

"Theyre going to get through the walls!" Isaac hissed.

"Then let me see how they deal with-" Erika went to the door, but Isaac stopped her.

"No. I think David and I should deal with this"

"What?! Are you-"

"Just get the hell over here and do something you useless runt!" Isaac snapped, kneeling by the door.

David slinked over, kneeling down and listening to what Isaac instructed him to do. He nodded, then seeped water out into the hallway it seemed, stepping back a little.

"Doggie shocker" Isaac grinned before he touched his hand to the puddle leading out, seeing the electrical current bolt out the door. Seconds later there where whines and whimpers and yelps from those stupid things outside.

I knew some of them probably had gotten away, but-

"DAVID YOUJINXED US!!" Maria screeched, and I turned to see a ghostly head, and part of theupper torsopopping out of the wall.

"Ahf-" Suddenly hit the wall opposite, sliding down and feeling my whole body start to ache. Damn... just when I thought-

"Burn!" Erika exploded into action, flames shooting up the wall. The thing just laughed, hanging on the wall like it couldnt be funnier.

"Dammit!" She yelled, then vines shot up out of no where, wrapping around the head of the nowhalf formed ghost.

"Time to go to hell" Maria told her, squeezing its neck and seeing it shriek.

"My turn"

A lightning bolt shot across the room, making our lovely friend shriek. I blinked, not knowing if Isaac had just gotten rid of it or the thing had played a clever trick on us and dematerialised into the wall.

I got up, looking around and not seeing anything.

"Um... I think we have a problem" David suddenly said, and it took me a second to realise he was at the window. I sighed, getting up a little painfully and hobbling over to lean on the side of the window, looking out.

"Dammit" I thunked my head on the window frame.

"What? What is it?"

"It's the police. Goddamn...the idiot who hired us probably called them too!"

"Well....great" Maria muttered.


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