Vision of Travesty

by, Cassandra

Wide eyed, in awed disbelief.
Don't believe what can be seen.
It's just a fragment of imagination
haunting your waking dreams.
So sleep tight, darling dear.
The world outside can't touch you
when you're locked within your mind.

Disdainful shock and skepticism.
Beloved, did you think that this was real?
It's the beauty of the human mind.
Surfaced secrets tell plenty about the soul,
but you can't erase what's spilt in ink,
and you have to know this is all half truths.
You're the one who wrote this in your psyche.

Don't condemn the actors, charge the author.
They were only doing their part
to make your vision more then a mere travesty,
and to bring new life and significance
to this once mediocre script.
They must have done an exceptional job.
You bought in to your own load of crap.

You've made your point, darling one.
The world is ever so susceptible to the power of insinuation,
and it doesn't exclude the so-called high and mighty.
Both the prominent and the and nonentity are going to fall,
because in the end, we're all extraordinarily alike.

Its humanity at its best and human pride at it's worst.
The pedestals we've work so hard to erect
will crumble in the blink of an eye,
and no one is protected, my dearest love,
when judgment day roles around.

So wake up and find a new frame of mind.
You're not everything you've alleged to be,
and at the moment, you've no claim to fame.
So call "cut" on this ludicrous scene,
and just let us all live our lives in peace.