Please write to me at my e-mail address if you know what the title of this story is. If the author of this story comes along and tells me what it is, I am sorry. I did not mean to not find out your pen name or the story of the one I'll be describing. I apologize greatly.

The story is about a kid named Nigel and another kid named Darin. Nigel goes to a high school and Darin is new there. Darin is gay and so is Nigel. But Nigel is closeted and has an abusive father. Darin'smother and familyis fine with Darin's homosexuality. I think this story only has 1 chapter so far so it might be hard to find or maybe not. Please help me. I really want to review that story or at least read the rest of the first chapter.

So if you think you know what the title of this story is please tell me. it was on Quick Picks on 9/28/06 or please tell me the pen name of the author

Thank You So Much!

B.J. / Half-BloodGrlPirate