I'm so SORRY!!! dude I'm seriously stupid w/ my stupid bad memory and sudden urges. Kk, here's the deal. I forgot the name of a story and I think I deleted it. I might have its ID written somewhere but I forget where I put it. So the story's summary went something like this:

"I have a best friend and I'm gay and what's even worse I'm in love with my best friend's dad."

Or something like that. I'm soooo sorry to the other! All I know is that the author or an author's story is under my alerts so I got an alert about this story. A week ago I had this urge and a niggling in my head about this story so I wanted to read it. But I couldn't find it in any of my saved folders or undeleted e-mails. Then, genius that I am, I deleted all those originally undeleted (but read and hecka old) e-mails. Then I accidentally deleted the trash. Yea, I'm so smart. XD Well, this is another HELP! request so I'd be REALLY happy if someone helped me out. And I'll search harder too. THANKS SO MUCH!



ps. I'm not even going to ask for hugs 'cause I don't deserve them. T-T ;-;