Story full of humor, romance, and action! The story might get confusing.....but it does NOT mean it is bad! )



Cat-eared, human boy named Kyoko lives his life as a Neko because of the evil man who turned him to a cat. He finds that he is actually "dead" but with his strong soul and his revenge for his parents, he discovered himself, alive here, on earth and that he has something special that the evil man wants.He meets new people and discovers many secrets about him. He just appeared on this world, not knowing who he is and why is he here in this world, he only knows he is here to take revenge for his parents who got killed innocently by someone. But with the help of the man that took care of him and who knew who he was, also, with the help of the girl he fell in love with, which is also a girl who grew up with him, he slowly recovers his memory. He has to take revenge, turn back to a normal human, and fight with Tajiri for Sukii! Find out what happens as you read on this story!


Kyoko(Main)- Kyoko is a character who has cat ears and he is also human so half human half cat. But, his appearance is not exactly like a cat, he has longer ears. He is fifteen years old. He also goes to school. With his cat "transforming" powers, he can transform to a cat and he can transform back to a human anytime. His hair is brownish and his eyes are brownish too. He loves to eat junk food and is totally a video game freak. D. Anyways, you gotta love him and his cuteness!

Sukii(2nd Main)- Sukii is a school girl whos fourteen years old. She meets Kyoko one day in his "cat" form. She has long yellow hair and green eyes. She has a Mom, Dad, and a very annoying brother. She has a shy personality, especially when facing cute guys. After she meets Kyoko and finds out everything about him, they start developing feelings for eachother.

Komaru- Evil man! The man who Kyoko has been searching for years. He has red long hair and he is EVIL!I do not think I have to describe anything about him, one thing is really true, HE'S EVIL!!!

Tajiri- Tajiri, also known as Kyoko's "brother" has a kind of quiet and mean personality. He also got turned to a Neko by the evil man. So, he can do things just like Kyoko.
He is fifteen just like Kyoko but since he is Kyoko's big brother, he is a little bit older than him.He has quite long black hair and and he has a scar on his face. He goes to the same school as Kyoko and Sukii and also, later, he falls in love with Sukii.

Other characters are: Sukii's Mom and Dad, Daisuke(Sukii's little brother),Neji(the nerdy boy), Tira(the meany girl), Satoru(Sukii's friend), Taro(Sukii's pet dog), Toto(The man who took care of Kyoko), The teacher, and lots more.

Chapter One: The Meet

Today was a special day, for Sukii. She needed to go to school, she got dressed up in her school uniform. Her mom prepared her lunch for her, she took it and went to school. As she was walking, she heard a sound, it went,"Rrrrroooowwrrrr..." It seemed as if it was somewhere around the bushes. Sukii went over to check what was it. As she went towards the bush and looked down. She could not believe what she saw!It was a weird animal, it looked like a cat, but it had longer ears and it had orange and brown fur. It was lying on the ground, wounded. She walked towards it and picked it up carefully."Poor cat..."she whispered to herself. She decided to skip school and take it home to help it.

At home, she put bandages around it's wound. It looked like it was okay and it was sleeping. Suddenly, her mom called her to come down, so she went downstairs.The "cat" woke up and found himself in an awkward place. He asked himself, "Ahhh!!!! Where the hell am I?! Oh crap, I think I got petnapped!" He looked around the room, what his eyes came to was a photo of a very happy boy. He wondered to himself, "Hmm...that looks like me! Yeah whatever! I have to get out of this weird place"He went to the door and peeked out a little. No one was there. He quickly ran out. Suddenly, he hears a growling sound behind him. He slowly turns around, freaked out."WAAAA!!!!! A DOG!! AHH!!! RUN!!!" He yelled. The dog was chasing him, he quickly hid behind a chair. But wait! He told himself, "I am strong and I can fight too! Why the hell do I have to act like a scardyCAT?" As he decided to run out and face his fear, he heard footsteps. He quickly hid behind the chair again. It was Sukii. "Taro, come here!"demanded Sukii nicely. The dog ran towards Sukii. Sukii said, "Good boy!" As the cat saw the weird girl, he thought to himself, "I've seen her before.." Then Sukii turned her eyes to see that the cat was hiding behind the chair. "Ahhh! There you are! Come here!" said Sukii. Sukii came towards him and picked him up. She looked at it for awhile and said, " Oh my god! Your soooo cute! Kawaii! I guess you do not have a owner, I'll take care of you! I am going to name you Kyo!" The cat said, " What the hell? My names Kyoko!" Sukii asked herself, "Huh? Did I hear something? Nevermind."

It was almost dinner, Sukii went to see the cat. She gave it some "cat" food. Although, Kyoko is a "cat", he is mostly a human and dislikes cat food. He turned away from it. Sukii said,"Oh, I guess your not hungry. Hmm, why don't you go to bed? You can sleep on my bed." She picked him up and put him on her bed. Kyoko felt so good on the bed that he fell asleep.

The next day came, and Sukii had to go to school. Sukii said,"Bye mom, Kyo, and Taro! I have to go to school!" and she left. Kyoko heard it and just remembered something very very very important. Kyoko yelled to himself,"Ahhh! Crap! I forgot that I have to go to school today! I better get back to Toto and tell him that I am okay, he's probably worried about me!" He ran out the door as no one noticed him. When he was outside, he quickly transformed to his human form.He ran back to his real home and told Toto, an old man who took care of Kyoko when his parents died, about what happened yesterday. He had to go so he told Toto, "I promised my parents on their last minute to go to school! So I better get going, See Ya."He ran out the door with his backpack. Toto said to himself,"Hmm..Kyoko always puts his parents first..."