Chapter 5 : Taro, Petnapped!

They started searching and searching. Suddenly, they heard a noise coming from the front. It sounded like a car and the sound of animals. Sukii and Kyoko went to find out what it was. As they walked over, they saw that a fat and tall guy was trying to catch Taro and put him in a cage! "Ahh!! Look!!" shouted Sukii, worried. The man saw them and he quickly put his arm out and grabbed Taro away and locked him in the cage. He quickly put Taro in the back of his car with all the other pets that he stole. Then he drove his car away. "TARO!!" Sukii screamed. Kyoko quickly transformed to a bigger version of his normal form. "Climb On!" he yelled at Sukii. Sukii quickly climbed on."Kyoko?.. Why do you look like this?" She asked, confused. "This is my second form" he replied."Hang On!" he said to Sukii.

They started chasing the car. Kyoko zoomed past many cars. "Woah! What the hell was that?!" a man yelled. "Better phone the police about this! That thing was chasing the car and it does not look like any animal I have ever seen before!" the man said. Kyoko was running so fast, they caught up with the car. Kyoko quickly jumped on the top and started biting the car with his sharp teeth. The man in the car was freaked out. "What the hell?!" he yelled. He could not believe what he is seeing. Kyoko teared off the top part of the car. Sukii started getting all the pets that the man stole. "Yo! Stop that!" the man yelled. Kyoko was distracting him. "Shut the hell up or I'll bite you." Kyoko warned. Sukii found Taro and hugged him. "I'm so sorry.." Sukii apologized.

Suddenly, the police cars we're coming. "FREEZE!" they yelled. They could not believe what they saw. Just like the others, they got confused of the awkward looking animal. "What is this? It could be a wild animal! Take it away quick!" the police shouted. They saw what was going on and they took the petnapper away. As they were taking him away. Kyoko found the best opportunity to run. He quickly carried Sukii and ran away. He was so fast the police could not chase him.

They got home. "Arigato!!!! (Thank-You)" Sukii said to Kyoko. Sukii was so happy she accidently kissed Kyoko in the cheeks. "What the?!" Kyoko yelled, blushing. "Um... thanks a lot you know..." Sukii said quielty. (of course she was also blushing) Then everything went quiet. Sukii started asking Kyoko, "Hey.. are you going to stay here?" Kyoko answered, Maybe..." "NO! YOU MUST! PLEASE! TOO BAD!" Sukii yelled. Kyoko got freaked out. "Dude, calm down.." he said. "Fine, I will stay. Jeez." he said.
"Yay Thanks!" Sukii said with joy. Suddenly, the door opened. "Hey sis!" It was Daiki, Sukii's little brother.

Sukii's brother and her Mom both came home. "Ahh! Oh my god! Your back!" Sukii yelled, with feeearr.Her brother, Daiki appears to have come back from staying for three nights at his friend's house. "Who's that?" Kyoko asked. "My brother, Daiki.." Sukii answered. "Woah! Who's that?!" Daiki asked, looking at Kyoko. Sukii's Mom looked confused too. "Hehe! Come Mom, I'll explain to you!" Sukii said. Daiki saw what was weird about Kyoko. HE HAS CAT EARS AND A TAIL. "Sis! He's a monster!" Daiki screamed with fear. "What the hell?! I'm a person, you idiot!" Kyoko yelled. Kyoko turned into his cat form and started chasing Daiki around. "Oh! Your a cat!" Daiki said. "Yes I am! So what!?" Kyoko yelled. "YOU ARE A MONSTER! MONSTER! MONSTER!" Daiki yelled too. "Grrr...Shut Up!" Kyoko shouted, pissed off. They started running around, Kyoko chaising Daiki.

On the other side, Sukii was having a really hard time explaining about things like how they met and who Kyoko is to her Mom. Her mom was so confused that Sukii just said he's her boyfriend dressed like a cat. "Oh okay, I get it now. He's your boyfriend. Well, he is welcome here anytime!" her mom said. Back to where Daiki and Kyoko are fighting. "Sis! Help! The monster is coming after me to eat me!" Daiki shouted. "Gah! You come here!" Kyoko said. "Sis! Your boyfriend is going crazy!" Daiki shouted with tears coming out of his eyes. "What the hell?! I am NOT her boyfriend!" Kyoko said, blushing. Then he walked towards Sukii. "Please, tell your brother, I AM NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Kyoko whispered to Sukii. "Just pretend you are!" Sukii said. "Now now, don't fight anymore." Sukii's mom said. "It's getting late, I should start making dinner," she said. So, they waited for dinner.

Other Characters In This Chapter

Daiki- Sukii's brother and he is 8 years old. Very annoying.