By Gray Davidson

The design on the floor moves.

A Mountain of fleshly wonder rises from the tapestry of carpet.

Eyes sparkle like wine and teeth flash like adamant.

By the light of three candles, dark hair gleams.

She rises, the remains of the animal skins that draped the floor

Ascending like mountaineers to adorn her body.

Her hair, caught loose and seen transparent with a candle flame behind,

Puts one in mind of water, seen from below with the eye of a dolphin.

The fabled dream of a dolphin.

The lady speaks.

-What is the hour when the gold shines from the depth of the cave?

But the hour when love can cry sevenfold into the expanse of night.–

One arm rises, elbow curving floorward in exemplification of grace.

The hand soars, seeking the thinner airs where songs fly without wings.

To the beat of a watching heart, the lady caresses the steps of a solemn dance;

A dance never before seen, and never since.

The lady speaks.

-Write me the dream, vibrant with hue and in the throes of creative passion.–

Watching heart and listening eyes can only nod and imagine such a dream.

The tigress whose pelt hangs to the slim ankles blinks.

Her tongue drips saliva onto the hardwood floor, as smooth as glass.

She turns in upon herself, and in a swift motion, has devoured the dancer's legs.

Still, the sinuous torso and writhing arms continue to hypnotize the listening eyes.

The lady speaks.

-And tonight, when the royal folds of a thief's night have covered

Your corner of the world, think of me and grieve for that which you have lost.–

The face, flashing a grin from firey eyes vanishes behind teeth

Made suddenly dull by contrast.

The candles blow out in an exhalation from worldly lungs.

The night presses round like a dreamer's constricting coverlet.

The listening eyes reach up and rearrange the tiar

which adorns their expanse of forehead.

The royal shades invade.

The pelts fall still, outlining hips, shoulders hair,

And one arm blissfully raised in the dance.

The listening eyes weep.

The lady speaks.

-Destiny and Love.–