On the Outskirts of Transition

Consumed by all these feelings

There's nothing I can do and these emotions just won't stop

Won't stop

Won't stop

I know you love me

You say you love me

You finally admit it to me

But it's not the time for that

And now it's so complicated

And I don't know what you expect

I needed you more than anything

And you were there, but never really here

It's like a tragic song that I wrote

when I was backwards and so alone

Engraving itself forever in my heart

Can I paint you a picture,

Of all the lies I could have told

To make you think I was okay?

But I was never okay.

It was never okay.

This will never be the same

But I wish, oh how I wish

That nothing, and everything was different

Just so I could start again

from where we never left off.