Freedom's Challenge

I must say in all honesty, that when I got this opportunity, this invaluable chance, to take the words 'Freedom's Challenge' and run with them, writing about whatever meaning I could find laced within the syllables, I was fairly nervous. To me, you can not put the meaning of freedom down into a few words, and be satisfied, knowing for certainthat you have said all that there wasto be said on the matter.

Freedom is so much more then a two-lined definition in some unuseddictionary. It can seem to be just an idea for those who have yet to feel it's gentle, calmingtouch, a goal to those who would willingly and fearlessly face almost certain death just for the slight chance that maybe some people in the future will hold it, a right to all of the people who have it even when they take it for granted, a weakness for all of the people who never realized how lucky they were to have had it until it was already no longer theirs, and freedom can be a challenge also.

Freedom is a challenge to all of us who have it. When it is being given to us it is like being told 'Here it is, here is your freedom. Use it as you will because it is yours now. Now that you have it I dare you to choose how you wish to wield it. You could live your lifeusing all ofthe worth you can squeeze out of it, take it for granted and never be what you always dreamed you were, or abuse the freedoms presented to you and cause as much harm and destruction with it as you see fit, because that is what you have the privilege to do, all because you are free.'

In America, we were all blessed with freedom, we have had it since before we could even understand that life could be any different, that we are lucky to be free. We have grown up accustom to the rights we have and for the most part we use them everyday without even realizing, much less appreciating them. The challenge of freedom could be the struggle that some are forced to go through in which to gain it, but since my freedom was handed to me, I never had to fight for it, others did that for me.

In life, it can never be known to you what you have not lived personally, not really anyway. Sure we all know the history, the indisputable fact of it all, but none of us have ever even had to so much as ask for our freedom. There is so much more to the fight when you are the one who is fighting. It is not just the battles raged, the deaths mourned, the lives saved, or even the wars won, it is the conviction, the idea that you are worth something more then where you came from or who you know, that is the real treasure.None of us have ever been in the place to feel those feelings first hand.

You only know of what people allow you to see of their lives, and those feeling are so personal, so awe-inspiring that it could seem wrong to share them with anyone else. You will never see the deepest hurts they had been through when they were fighting, because they will never yield to your thirst for the knowledge of that which you will never fully understand, and by keeping something that sacred to themselves they show their freedom.

Freedom's challenge could also be what some would be willing to do, the lengths that they would be willing to go, to protect their freedom. I am grateful for my freedom, and if it were to be challenged I know in my heart that I would stand up for it, but again I can not speak from experience because a situation has never called for me to do so. There is again a difference because you can never know something for sure until it is done, and as much as we all think something, it is still undetermined when it is unfinished. We all say, when faced with our peers that we would do this or we would do that, but in reality if we do in fact do or do not do something we can not be faulted, because that is our freedom.

So after saying all of this I know you are all wondering what freedom's challenge means to me. To me one of the challenges of freedom, and the one that sticks out in my mind above all others, is when you take the freedoms open to you and use them for all you can. Freedom is to dance as if no one were watching you, to love as if you have never been and will never be hurt, to sing as if no one were listening, and to live every day as if it were going to beyour last in this life. You can choose to take whatever path in life that you see fit, that is freedom. You can do something that you know deep within your soul is right without fear of being punished or silenced, even when you know others will not approve. You can be your own original person, choosing how you wish to be seen and how you want to see yourself. You can have your own fears and your own weaknesses. You can romatisize your ownfantasies, goals,and dreamsand choose to pursue them as you want. That is freedom.

It is not only your right to have all of this and so much more, but it is your responsibility to utilize and cherish the freedoms given to you. It is your challenge, it is the challenge set before you by every man, woman, and child who have perished to give you said freedom. You must choose, like with all challenges, if you will rise up and take the dare or shy away in fear of failure. It is no ones choice but your own, and because you have that choice, because you have a choice,you have freedom.

A/N: Okay this is a assignment given to me by myGrammar/Writingteacher. It is called the Voice of Democracy, and it is given every year by the VFW, Veterains of Foreign Wars, and every year they give a different prompt. This year we were told that our title had to be Freedom's Challenge, and that was it. We had to write about whatever that meant to you so this is my result. Give me your opinions by reviewing! green-eyed-angel91