The Andro Twins

By John Johnson

Leo and Jenna vs. Mantidon

The year was 2023, and the Golden Age of Robots has had already begun. Dr. Eleanor Del Mar, one of the 20 scientists behind the Ryodai XQ-1 Andro project, decided to build two child-type Andros of her own: an eccentric but irresponsible rouge Andro named Leo, codenamed AQ-2; and his older twin sister, a fairly intelligent yet extremely defensive Andro named Jenna, codenamed AQ-1. However, when the evil Dr. Negatavius and the D-Andro Guild threatened to attack Alpha City, it's up to the Andro Twins to defeat this evil force.

The year is now 2028. Our story begins in the Del Mar residence, where Dr. Del Mar is working on a new prototype with her robotic assistant, the UX-12 Tesla. Tesla has been a Ryodai testing robot for ten years before Dr. Del Mar bought him used just two years ago and had him refitted with new parts.

"Tell me why you were building this ---" Tesla started.

"This, Tesla, is a universal scanning and tracking device," Dr. Del Mar said. "It can automatically find anything within a 60 mile radius."

Suddenly, the Andro Alert went off and the twins were already inside Dr. Del Mar's underground laboratory/command center for briefing from KARIN, the house's computer that she built.

"Andro Twins, the D-Andro Guild has sent a D-Andro called Mantidon to attack Alpha City. Now go out there and fight Mantidon!"

"Right! Andro Twins are go!"

In downtown Alpha City, Mantidon was attacking the citizens with his Claw Blades attack. Just then, Leo and Jenna arrive to battle the monster.

"Looks like I have me some worthy opponents," Mantidon said.

"And it looks like you're going down, Mantidon," Leo replied.

"Let's start things off, shall we? Claw Blades!" The mantis-type D-Andro aimed the blade at the Andros, but they managed to use their laser cannons to stop them.

"Well then, it's about time we take it to the next level?" Jenna said. "Supersonic Scream!"

Jenna's Sonic Scream attack caught Mantidon off guard while Leo used his Seismic Punch to put him into submission.

"Time for you to bug off, Mantidon! Ready, little brother?" Jenna asked Leo.

"Ready, Jenna," Leo replied.

Both twins formed power balls and combined them into one ultra-power ball. "Double Fusion Ball!" they both shouted as they guide the ball to its target: Mantidon, who was later destroyed by the attack. Later, the twins are in the living room watching TV. Suddenly, Dr. Del Mar entered with a young girl and a robotic dog called the FZ-19 Edison. The girl had dark skin, puffy brown hair fixed in two big odangos, and indigo eyes.

"Leo, Jenna, I would like you to meet Nina Blakewood," she said. "She's the daughter of my longtime coleague, Vera Blakewood, and she'll be living with us for the time being and you will treat her well as she treats you. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

Meanwhile in a dark underground lair, Dr. Negatavius was sitting in his throne room watching the recent event on his mirror vision.

"Such a disgrace to the D-Andro Guild being defeated by those Andro Twins," he said. "Andro X, Chromina, go and tell Andro Steelton to make me another D-Andro."

"It will be done, my lord," Chromina said.

(A/N: Vera Blakewood, Nina's mother who is cuurently serving Dr. Negatavius as Chromina, will be appearing in a future chapter.)