Enter the Money-eating D-Andro, Jackpot

The next day, Leo, Jenna, and Nina were at their classroom studying for an upcoming test. Suddenly, Leo's eyes started flashing.

"Can my brother and I please be excused, Ms. Carmine?" Jenna said.

Ms. Carmine, an Andro teacher, said, "Yes you may, Jenna." Soon the Andro Twins were off to fight a D-Andro. When they got to downtown Alpha City, they saw a strange pig-shaped Andro.

"My name is Jackpot, the money eater," he said, "and I'll going to eat any money that you have!"

"Well, Jackpot, all the money you've eaten belongs to the world, so give it back," Leo said.

"Well, if you say so," Jackpot replied. "Coin Blades!" Jackpot's Coin Blades were aimed at Leo, but Jenna shot them with her laser cannons.

"That's it, now I'm really mad," Jackpot said. "Coin Bullets!"

"Armor Ball!" the Andro Twins said. The Coin Bullets attack were no match for the twins' Armor Ball.

"Huh?" a puzzled Jackpot said.

"Looks like it's time for us to take you to the bank," Jenna said. "Ready, Leo?"

"Ready, Jenna." Then the twins activated their laser cannons to use an all-new mega-attack.

"Laser Cannon Fusion! Fire!" they both said as they blasted Jackpot. After Jackpot turned back into a regular piggy bank, Leo and Jenna went back to school just in time for lunch. "So, how was your battle downtown?" Nina asked.

"Oh, it was great. I mean, that Monster Andro was all over us and we blasted him with our Laser--"

"Don't mind him, Nina," Jenna said nervously as she muffled him. "He must have skipped his antivirus program this morning or something."