Hello all! I'm back and with a new story. This is a one shot story I did for my English class, so if it's bad, please tell me. I might do a sequel, depending on what I feel like doing...soo, yeah. Please Read and Review, and tell me of any errorsthat this story has. And please enjoy Fate's Hand.

The silver-haired girl lay in a pool of her own blood, red eyes watching the battle dully before her. 'If only I'd thought ahead…' she thought to herself, rolling onto her stomach and coughing, more blood erupting from her mouth. She remembered the events leading up to this dreadful day in full detail as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

She had been hungry, but not the normal kind of hungry… She hadn't eaten in days, thanks to her penny-pinching boss, and she didn't just feel like stealing from that little bakery down town…she wanted something…better…tastier. Her stomach growled at the thought for the third time in about five minutes. Frowning, she hopped out of the chair, stretching her weakening legs.

"I can't take it anymore! I need something better than stale bread and old cheese! I want something different. Something I've never had before!" she exclaimed, yelling into the darkness of her house. Then she had an idea. "That's it!" she said, grabbing her ratty old backpack and strapping it on before heading out of the door.

A few hours later, she crouched behind the castle walls, looking cautiously over the edge and surveying the area. She grinned. "Easy…they made this way to easy." She breathed deeply, preparing her nerves before she ran out behind the sleeping peaceful guards on the grass lawn. They had made it to easy. Within minutes she stood inside of the castle's kitchen, gorging herself on some of the most expensive foods in the kingdom. Just when she took off her pack to fill it with food, a hand grabbed her shoulder.

Within minutes she sat in the dungeon portion of the castle, after four burly guards had grabbed her and literally chucked her into one of the empty cells. She now shook the thick iron bars, yelling random profanities at the guards disappearing forms.

"Hey ya stupid assholes Lemme out or I'll make sure you're all stranded on a deserted island with no food!" she screamed, shaking at the thick bars, that were going nowhere at the moment.

"Hey dude, chill out. It ain't that bad around here…" a voice from the darkness said. It sounded a lot like a surfer. She turned to the side quickly to see a green-haired man sitting down in the cell next to her, scratching his chin and sniffling. He grinned at her, "Listen, they give ya three square meals a day and let ya take a shower once a week. This is luxury, so enjoy it."

"What do you mean luxury?! It's a freakin' prison! The only luxury would be getting out of here alive!" she yelled, the hippie man already getting on her nerves.

"Trigger's right. This isn't so bad." Another voice said calmly. The girl turned once again and saw the same scenario. A raven-haired man sitting in the cell on the other side of her, "You really should calm down. You'll give yourself laryngitis if you keep screaming. Besides, the guards have already gone…" he said, standing up and stretching, before looking over his shoulder, as if someone was trying to sneak up behind him. "I'm Vincent Engel, by the way, and the man whom was addressing you earlier is Trigger Foxtrot."

"I'm Trice Ceilborn…" she said, feeling that it was only polite thing to do at the moment. After a few minutes of conversation, Trice gave up trying to find a way out, until she noticed an important aspect of her cell door. "Hey…why's the key still in this thing?" she said, walking over to it and grabbing the key. She twisted it and, sure enough, it unlocked the door. She grinned and opened it, before opening Trigger and Vincent's doors as well.

They snuck through the castle and, after about an hour, finally spotted the entrance, when a young, cloaked woman bumped into them. Trigger looked at her for a bit blinking and concentrating hard, then he pointed a finger at her, touching her nose.

"Hey…aren't you Princess What's-'er-face?" he said, sniffling again. The girls face went slightly pale.

"Um…I-I don't know who you're talking about..." she said, trying to hide deeper into her hood.Trice grabbed the edge of the hood before she could react and pulled it up, revealing none other than, you guessed it, the Princess. "Please don't tell anyone I'm here! If you do, I won't be able to live the life I've always dreamed!" she said, sounding really desperate. Trice cocked an eyebrow.

"And that would be?" she said, not sounding to convinced.

"A life full of adventure." she said, gulping slightly. Trice and the others seemed to consider it for a bit.

"Hmm...alright. Hey, you can come with us! I don't know what we're gonna do right know, but when I think of it, it'll be full of adventure!" she said, pointing up to the ceiling melodramatically, then held a hand out to her to shake. The Princess blinked slightly, then smiled.

"Alright. By the way you can call me Kana." she said, taking Trice's extended hand and shaking it. Suddenly, the new group of adventurers heard a blood curdling scream from outside and everyone rushed towards one of the windows, looking out. Outside some of the buildings were on fire and the once sleeping and peaceful guards, along with a few dozen demons, reeking havoc in the town below, all the while a muscular, and very evil looking guard stood on the steps of the castle, laughing maniacally. "Beowulf!" Kana exclaimed, clenching her fists. The group all ran out of the doors and burst through them, to confront the evil guard.

"Beowulf! Why are you doing this?!" Kana yelled when the group was outside. Beowulf stopped laughing and turned around, glaring at the group.

"Well well, if it isn't the Princess. Who are these two fools?" he said, pointing to Vincent and Trigger. The two looked at each other. "What's the matter? Are you boys to stupid to talk? Or are you just intimidated by my power?" he said, becoming a vain jerk very quickly. The former prisoners shook their heads.

"No...but we're missing someone..." Vincent said matter-of-factly. Kana turned and looked around. Trice wasn't in sight.

"She musta chickened out..." Trigger said, scratching his chin once again. Beowulf laughed.

"Pathetic. If you think that two weak minded morons like these are going to defeat me, then you're gravely mistaken." he said, grinning sadistically and unsheathing his sword. Suddenly, a black figure stood up behind the guard, fur jutting out of it's body and stark white teeth glistening in the moon light.

"Dude...what is that?" Trigger asked, pointing at the figure behind Beowulf. The guard frowned.

"Do you honestly believe I'll fall for that juvenile trick? That's the oldest trick in the book!" he said, frowning deeply.

"No seriously dude...there's something behind you..." Trigger replied, both Vincent and Kana nodded. Beowulf turned around and was met with a large, furry fist to the face. A werewolf stood there, growling and snarling at the guard as he whipped the blood from his mouth.

"Well well, I guess you really do have a good fighter." he said, grinning at the werewolf, who roared at him. A short battle ensued, where some of Beowulf's minions fought Kana and the others and Beowulf himself fought against the werewolf. Then, out of nowhere, someone stabbed the werewolf in the back with a silver knife. The wolf howled painfully into the sky and fell to it's knees, trying to grab the silver knife, before falling onto it's back. Shortly afterwards it shifted into it's original human form...

Trice laid on the ground, blood pooling out from under her. She blinked hard, trying to still and focus her blurring vision. She turned herself over onto her stomach and coughed up blood, the knife now buried deeply into her back. Her vision focused enough for her to notice that her newfound friends were losing the battle, and horribly, I might add. She coughed again. 'If only I'd thought ahead...then I wouldn't be in this situation...' she thought to herself, blood soaking into her shirt and pants. She coughed again, blood now covering her chin as her vision faded. The last thing she heard, were the agonizing screams of her comrades as they fell, one by one, at the hands of Beowulf and his minions...