A/N: I've decided to branch out and write an essay. Whether or not it works for you, I'm writing it. Love it, hate it, think I should die, want more? You --do-- know there's that little thing called a review? Check it out. It's pretty nifty.

Ever Noticed How They're Like Baby Chicks?

For a first chapter, I plan to observe how new authors, like baby chicks, use the regurgitated stuff. Sounds like a gross comparison, but follow me here.

The metaphor:
Chicks eat the regurgitated worms from the parents' mouth because that's all they can swallow. They don't know how to chew their food properly yet so that it does choke them. The worm isn't exactly the same as it was in its original form, but it still nonetheless is a worm.

Let's break down this (rather extended) metaphor:

- - - The worm: That is the original story or someone's original idea. (Eventually, I'll write something about the decline of originality). Somewhere in print, be it Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Rings, Twelfth Night or Pride and Prejudice, someone has created an idea. Since no one can think of anything better, they use it. I know there will be arguments about that. That's why I'll add more chapters…

- - - The Chicks: Obviously, the fledgling writers, young writers looking to be successful and grow. Some mature, some don't. The "experienced" writers don't always fill the role of the parent bird. Sometimes it's a beta, a friend, a critic or all three.

- - - The concept of 'regurgitation': To regurgitate means to spit something already used up. Well, like I said, though the story in itself is not an exact copy of whatever 'cannon' novel you chose, it somehow, be it the basic plotline (i.e.: Romeo and Juliet: star-crossed lovers from opposing family fall in love to 'reunite' the two sides or to try and 'stop the violence'), contains a gleaming vestige of the original.

- - - The concept of 'swallowing': Yeah, I probably explained this already, but think about it. I don't really mean that the writer can't handle it keeping their writing under control. I think this is more directed towards the younger (as in age) writers. They haven't been exposed to different styles of writing, so they write about what they know will work.

Right about now, I sound rather condescending or at the very least a jerk. Incase you didn't read the opening carefully enough, I said this is an observation. Every good scientist knows to never base a scientific theory on observation only. It tested must be numerous times.

I don't blame young writers for choosing to use clichéd plotlines for their first stories. It's a start, but after a while, it gets annoying. I just can't take another "Harry is a half-vampire and tries to seduce Draco (or vice versa)" or a "Let's see how far I can copy High School Musical without total copyright infringement"….

Can you?