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"Damu," She whispered softly one evening, as she lay, wrapped in his strong arms. He grunted in recognition. "Who is Faiza?" He heard the accusation in her tone. He heard the curiousness, and the jealousy. It wasn't at all what she seemed to assume.

"Where did you hear that name?" He asked quietly instead of answering her question.

"You said it in your sleep..." She seethed. How dare he. She tried to pull out of his arms, but he dragged her back into his embrace roughly.

"It's not what you think." He sighed.

"What do you think I think it is?" She demanded sharply, tearing her wrists from his steel grip.

"I think you think I'm seeing someone, which I'm not."

"Then who is the bitch?" She demanded. Nox released a gasp as she was violently pushed to the ground.

"Don't ever call her that." He growled in her face, his fangs bared, and gleaming. Nox looked appalled.

"Get off of me!" She screamed, infuriated. "Fucking liar!" Kicking out violently, Nox managed to knock her lover off of her. "Goddamn liar! My mother was right about men!" He was trying to reason with her over her shouts and screams, but found that he was unable, in her fury.

"She's not my lover; she's my daughter!" He boomed.

The cave went dead silent.

"...Gods," She whispered weakly, after a moment. "Why do you have a daughter?" Damu just frowned, and stayed silent. Nox turned and flopped to the ground weakly, her body giving away. The two didn't speak for a long while. "...How old is she?" Nox whispered, her voice weak, and quiet.

"...Approximately fourteen," He sighed. "She's probably married with children by now." He mumbled.

"Why didn't you tell me before...?"

"I didn't think it really mattered." He mumbled, sitting next to her. "I've never met her..."

"Why not?" Nox sighed, looking over at him tiredly. She couldn't help but feel rather...excluded. He knew about her life, and yet she knew little about his, it seemed.

"Her mother was just another one night stand, it didn't mean anything..." Rubbing his eyes, Damu rest his face against his bent knees. "I found out about her years later, when she was about six."

"You didn't want to find her?"

"She didn't want me to find her..." Sighing, Damu looked over at his lover. "Nox," He said softly. "You know I love you..." She nodded, but said nothing. "I'm sorry..." She, again, nodded. "I know you're mad at me, right now, but—"

"I'm not mad," She whispered. "You are entitled to your secrets, Damu. I just wish you wouldn't keep them from me. But, what can I do?" She asked rhetorically. "It's none of my business, right?" The red skinned beauty stood, wandering out of their home, and across the field.

"Nox," He called after her. "Come back to bed..." He was ignored. Turning and sitting on their bed, Damu sighed heavily, for what seemed like the umpteenth time, and waited for his lover to return. "Fuck,"


Her knees next to her head, and her jagged nails digging into his arms, Mukamutara was releasing some of the most needy, high-pitched, choked noises Majai had ever heard. Her volume only increased as the cadence of his conquest raged on.

"Oh, Tara," He groaned as he thrust into her. He had grown to like his little nickname for his lover: Tara. Not only was it far easier to say, he thought it seemed a lot less intimidating, and bizarre.

Her squeals and shrieks only continued, as if she was unable to hear her own name being chanted next to her ear. Quickly, their coitus came to a conclusion. "Mm," She hummed into his ear, as he flopped next to her, exhausted. She rolled onto his back, breathing in his sweaty scent. "Yah know 'ow ta' trea'd a woman..." She purred, hugging his back tightly.

"I'm glad you're happy," He whispered after a long, silent moment, regaining his breath.

"Very happy," She grinned madly, rolling onto her back, and throwing her arms above her head, causing her large breasts to shake and jiggle. He snorted, pushing his face into the pillow.

Rolling onto her side, Mukamutara reached into her bedside table and pulled out a long wooden pipe, decorated with feathers, shells, and bones, along with elaborately colored string. Majai looked up at her as the lit the pipe, inhaling deeply, and releasing the smoke from her mouth slowly. Sitting up, Majai took the proffered pipe, and he, too, inhaled. This had become a bit of a routine after sex. At fist he had been skeptical to try the strange plant she ground and placed into the wooden bowl, but he grew to enjoy its side-effects. He felt calm, relaxed, warm, light, and elated, all at once.

"I love yah," She whispered, sinking into his chest, as he puffed on the pipe. His free hand dropped to her bare back, and rubbed a tenuous pattern along her cool skin. She reached up and abducted the pipe from his lazily smiling lips. Bringing it to her own, she maintained her steady gaze upon his face, as she began to take long, slow drags from the wooden mouthpiece.

"I love you," He said after a long moment of simply watching one another.

"...Do yah?" She grinned, placing the smoldering pipe on her table, and pulling her body up to sit on their pillows, her arms loosely entangling around his neck.

"I do," He muttered, kissing each of her upper arms, and running large hands along the skin.

"Good," She grinned. "'Cause I don' know 'ow well I be respondin' ta' bull," She grinned. Majai pulled her in close, a serious, and yet still relaxed, and light look on his face.

"I love you..." He grinned. "I've only ever loved you." Mukamutara giggled and sat in his lap, as his hands ran over her thighs, and backside softly.

"An' I love yah," She cooed. "I only eva' loved yah," With a grin, he pushed her down, onto their cot. Sharing a kiss, Mukamutara ran her hands along her lover's back, giggling as his long purple hair brushed against her skin. It had grown since she had first seen him with those other misfits. It now reached his lower back, when in its high ponytail, and she loved it.

Mukamutara released a loud gasp as his fangs sunk into her flesh, on her left bicep. Now everyone would know... Everyone would know that she was his, and his alone; and should a fool dare touch his wife he would meet a most gruesome fate.

They stared at one another for a long time after he released her. A weak smile suddenly pulled on her lips, and Mukamutara ran her jagged nails through his long, beautiful hair. And then she bit him. And he closed his eyes.

Majai had never before felt so...completed.

And to think, all it took was a semi-psychotic hermit with black teeth, and wild hair. He looked down at her and smiled, and she, too, smiled back.

Mukamutara had never felt so...completed.


Nox stumbled back into the cave many hours later, surprised to see her lover sitting on their bed, still waiting for her. The man had the patience of a saint, she had to admit. Looking up at her, Damu was wearing a serious expression; one that made her feel uncomfortable. "Why do you always do that?" He demanded softly.

Nox simply looked at him.

"Always run off when I need to talk something out with you..."

"I needed time to clear my head," She sighed. "I am sure you could understand why."

"I really don't." He responded flatly. "This, in no way, changes our relationship. It's just another piece of my life."

"No, Damu," She snapped. "It's not just another piece of your life." She took a deep breath, standing away from him. "It's just another piece of your life that I know nothing about."

"So that's what this is about?" He muttered. "You're worried I'm keeping some second me from you?"

"No," She sighed. "I'm not worried, I'm irritated."


"I just—" Nox paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts. "I just feel like you know all of my secrets, and yet you don't wish to indulge me in any of yours."

"There's not much to know..."

"And yet you are a father." She replied coolly.

"It takes more than blood, babe." Damu smiled weakly. "And with that girl, blood is all I got."

"Still," Nox sighed. "The point I'm making is that I feel like you don't...trust me with your secrets, like I trust you with mine."

"Hey now," Damu groaned. "That's not it, and you know it."

"Do I?" She responded lazily.

"I trust you...It's just that...Faiza isn't really part of my life. I missed my chance with Faiza... I blew my opportunity to be a father." He stood and sauntered over to her, nuzzling against her shoulder. "But I won't miss my next chance," He whispered in her ear, grinning. "If you'll keep me around, that is."

"Are we seriously having the "let's-have-a-baby" conversation?" Nox asked weakly. Damu laughed at her response.

"We don't have to right away," He grinned. "But yes, I would like to have children with you, Nox, someday." She nodded, but remained silent. "Is this topic making you nervous?" He chuckled. She nodded again. Hugging her, Damu laughed. "You are a strange girl, Nox. You'll fight the world, and all those in it, and yet a simple chat can make you quiver; how bizarre."

"Maybe I am just bizarre?" She asked softly.

"Maybe," Damu chuckled. "But I like you that way."

"Damu," Nox mumbled, looking him in the eye. The man raised an eyebrow. "I love you," She said simply. Smiling, Damu kissed her forehead.

"I love you, too." He muttered. "Now, can we go back to bed?" Nox nodded, smiling at him. Crawling back into their bed, Damu quickly made himself comfortable, sighing as he pulled the covers up, and over the two of them. "Goodnight," He mumbled.

"Who said I wanted to go to sleep?" She purred into his ear, sitting on top of him. Damu growled low in his chest.

"Mm, that's my girl." He grinned.

"I'm your girl," She responded quietly.

"I'm your man," He said simply. Smiling Nox kissed him. "Hold still Nox," He whispered seriously. She looked down at him curiously. "I'm going to bite you..." Watching him, Nox didn't move an inch as her lover sank his long fangs into her left arm. After a moment, he pulled away and stared up at her, licking his lips.

And so, she leaned in, and bit him, in the exact place he had just marked. Pulling away, they stared at one another for a long while. "You're going to have to tell me your secrets now," She grinned. "Now that you're my mate, you're stuck with me forever."

"Plenty of time for that, if we have forever," He grinned. "But right now, no talking is necessary."

"Damu!" She laughed as he pounced on top of her, ravishing her neck with kisses, and bites.

The blood ran freely down their newly wounded arms, but the liquid was left ignored, and unnoticed throughout the night, as sweat ran, breathing increased, hearts pounded, claws dug, and eyes shut, and "I love you"'s between kisses were exchanged.

Nox had never felt so whole. She had never felt so loved, so cared for, and she had never felt so safe.

Damu never wanted her to feel anything less. And he never wanted to feel anything less than he did at that very moment; because he was walking on air.


Deluhai laughed as her angel held her chubby arms up to her, grinning and drooling. Leaning down, the princess took hold of her darling baby, and bounced her in her arms. "Hello, beautiful," She cooed, waving a long, perfectly manicured finger in Imani's face. Giggling when the finger was sucked upon, Deluhai scolded her daughter in a high pitched voice, that only women can accomplish making when speaking with infants. "No, no, no, angel, that's mommy's," She heard a chuckle from behind her. Turning around, Deluhai smiled at the king. "Good afternoon, my king," She smiled.

"Good day to you, my princess." He smiled brightly.

"How is Nyeki?"

"Oh, fine, fine." He smiled. "Her morning sickness in waning, which is always a good sign." He muttered.

"I cannot believe my lady, Nyeki, has become pregnant again; and in such a short amount of time, after having Bilali." The boy had just turned a year old. Imani was soon to be the same age.

"She is quite fertile, apparently." He grinned. "You won't find me complaining. Nyeki, on the other hand..." Deluhai laughed. It was no secret within the castle that the queen had become rather upset when she had discovered her second pregnancy. Apparently the weight gain was driving her mad.

"Is she feeling well yet?"

"Better, but still unwell." He sighed. "Perhaps you would like to visit her sometime today?"

"I was thinking exactly the same thing, my lord." Deluhai smiled, bouncing her daughter in her arms. Naliju smiled at the sight. Leaning over, he kissed the woman on the forehead, and then turned to take his leave.

"The castle is just so much more...exuberant lately, don't you find?" He asked.

"Ever since Anana left, aye," She smiled. Waving over his shoulder, he wandered out of the room.

"And good riddance to her," He said before closing the doors behind himself. Imani began struggling in her arms, and Deluhai sighed, placing the baby girl on the floor, and watching her crawl, and race about. Ever since she had gained the ability to crawl, she was hard to keep up to. Deluhai fell asleep exhausted every night from having chased her daughter all around the bloody castle.

And she couldn't have been happier doing it.

Imani completed her life, no matter how much of a rascal she was...


A village boy ran through the glade, his father following behind him, laughing. "Slow down, son." The man called out to his child.

"But father," The boy cried. "I wish to see it all!"

"You may see it far better if you slow your steps." The man laughed.

"A cave!" The boy exclaimed gleefully. "Father, I am going to the cave!" The little boy called, running off towards the large rock. His father nodded, standing in the middle of the glade. What a beautiful area. A forest surrounding the vicinity, and a lovely, open clearing in which he stood. The sun was high in the afternoon sky, and the air was warm and gentle. Everything seemed so tranquil...until...

He heard a scream. "Karsikus," The man bellowed, hearing his child's cry, and running at top speed towards the cave that the boy had run to. Had he met a demon? A beast? Was he injured? He rushed into the cool cave, gasping as his son latched onto his legs. "What is it?" He demanded, looking around the cave for a foe. "What did you see?" Karsikus simply pointed behind him, trembling. His father pulled him off of his legs and took a few tentative steps forwards.

There were furs to his right, piled up comfortably, as if made into a bed. Clothes hung in the cave, as if to dry, though none were even the slightest bit damp, as if they had been hanging for a long while. A smell drifted towards his nose.

He gasped. There, on the cave floor, sprawled out, was the body of a woman. Her mouth was open; her lips blue, and her skin grey. Her hair was black, and her narrow brown eyes were wide as if in fear. Her mouth held a strange black, starburst-like marking, as did her eyes, which held two simple lines. She wore a green top; the sleeves looked as if they had been ripped off, baring her tattooed right arm, and another black starburst marking on her left. She also wore billowing black pants, with bandaged feet. An infestation of maggots, and beetles crawled on her face, and out of her ears, and mouth, and nostrils. She was definitely dead.

Stumbling back, the man's heel hit something soft, and whipped around, only to release a choked cry as his eyes locked with a dead infant, lying on the floor. Black hair, wide red eyes, and the same markings on his face as he guessed was his mother, lying behind him. Bugs, too, were crawling all over the little baby's body. The infant was a newborn; that he could see. And by the way parts of the mother, and the baby were missing, such as skin, or tissue, he assumed they had been decomposing there for some time. The smell was absolutely putrid.

"Karsikus, get out of this cave!" The man roared, rushing for the entrance. "You are never to go in there again, do you hear me?" The boy was sniveling and sobbing, but nodded through his devastation, having seen such a revolting sight. They rushed back to the village, they must warn the others.

What in the name of Ya'halana happened in there? He thought to himself, shaken.

And so the corpses lay; the meat falling off the bendable bone, as many an animal dropped in to feast upon the flesh of the mother, and the flesh of the son...


The room was lit beautifully, and a woman stood, staring out into the world beneath her. Everything looked to be made of stone, with only various thorn bushes, and weeds for vegetation. This was simply for the lords' sadistic, pain loving appeal. Ta'yun, you bizarre bastard... She thought to herself, sipping from her glass of wine. She heard the door open, and turned to acknowledge her love come wandering into the room, a scowl on his face.

"How was your day?" She asked lightly, taking a seat next to him on their massive four-poster bed, placing her drink on the table. He sighed and shook his head.

"Too many things to do. I forgot how many souls there are to list through everyday in this line of work."

"My poor fox," She smiled, wrapping her arms lovingly around her husband's neck.

"Is he sleeping well?" He asked softly, kissing her in between words.

"Wonderfully," She grinned happily, thinking of their son, in the other room.

"How was your day, pet?" He asked softly, brushing some of her long black hair away from her face.

"Oh, it was fine." She smiled. "I stopped by Ta'yun's office to say hello..."

"Ani," Kyarhu scolded. "You know you're not supposed to be bugging the gods during work hours." He sighed. Anijou rolled her eyes.

"I can't help it." She pouted. "Hell still has a new appeal to me. I had never been here before, you know?"

"Shocking," He snorted sarcastically. Grinning, Ani sat down in her husband's lap.

"You really meant it, didn't you?" She whispered softly.

"Mm, meant what, pet?" He asked, sliding the sleeve of her dress off of her shoulder, kissing the newly exposed flesh. She dressed like the queen she was, and for that he was thankful. She looked absolutely ravishing.

"You once said that nothing could keep us apart, now I suppose I know you're right." She giggled, looking around the room.

"It is much nicer than living in a cave, yes?" He smiled.

"I do love this bed..." She smiled dreamily, running her hand along the silken sheets. He chuckled.

"You knew, didn't you?" He asked softly.

"Knew what, foxy?" He loved when she called him that little pet name, and it seemed to be her favorite.

"The outcome of the battle."

"...Yes..." She sighed. Abruptly she slapped his arm. "I told you to stay with me, but oh no, Kyarhu is the big tough man, and the big tough men get to make all the decisions, and leave their silly little wives at home." She mocked. Chuckling, Kyarhu forced her to straddle his lap, and his hands began pushing her long dress up her thighs.

"I love you," He smiled.

"You sure know how to change the subject," She giggled, kissing him as he pulled her dress off, and lay her down on the bed, undressing as well.

"Shut up, and tell me you love me."

"You're a jerk," She sighed. Grabbing his face, she pressed their foreheads together, and wrapped her legs around his naked waist. "I love you anyways, though." She giggled.

"That's all I wanted to hear." He smirked, nuzzling her neck. "And now you're stuck with me for the rest of eternity." He grinned. "How does that feel?" He waited for her to make a scathing reply, or a sarcastic comment, but it never came. Instead she gently said,

"Like I'm the luckiest woman in the three worlds..." She whispered, holding him tight. "How does it feel to be trapped with me for all eternity?" She asked, smiling.

"Like everything just fell into place..." He said softly.

Smiling, they kissed. And as the hours flew by, and the night grew late, the two fell into one another's arms, yawning and sighing.

"Kyarhu," She said softly. He grunted in response. "This really is better than the cave..." She mumbled. He looked over at her, as her gaze flitted throughout the room. "I just feel like...I'm home here..."

Kyarhu also looked around the room, and then looked over at his smiling wife, who lay on her side, watching him. "Me too..." And so they slept. And so they continued to sleep, always together...for eternity.

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