We are moving again. I know this because I feel the tautness of the muscles straining along the side of the sheath. Take me out, show me the moonlight. There are things that I want to see….to taste. The blood of your last victim tasted so good…I still have that metallic scent. The sounds of her scared voice ringing in my ears, and my mouth is salivating with desire.

What is this? Stopping are we? Do you see something you like? Something that you would like to sink into? No, of course not, we are moving again. Take me out, I want to have a look around for myself, see what type of prey are about tonight. I want the moon to reflect off of my silver body, and glisten as I strike.

I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I heard was the screams of a young woman. For some reason, I do not feel a struggle. That is it; he dropped me to the ground while he had his fun with her. What are you doing that you had to leave me behind? I was with you last time; you know that I enjoyed the feeling of a fight against the leather. The kicks and bumps…it makes my thirsty for what I desire most. It tempts me, and I must have it! This deep abyss is beginning to get to me, I want out!

Have you heard my cries? You are picking me up now. I feel your hands move over the buckles. It is time now for my fun in the light, bring me out. Ahh, the air feels so good against me. Is that her? Oh she is beautiful, and you have her tied for me as well? You are too kind. Ah, that blonde silk falling over that perfect breast. Her eyes wide and gray, and her cheeks red from tears and attempts to scream over the tape. Her stomach taunt as my master runs me up her precious ribs, tempting me to taste more than her porcelain skin. Just look at those blue veins thudding hard against the thin outline of her jaw. Sink me, please. Under the chin would be delicious, so smooth and tender.

Here it comes. I feel the pressure building up behind your arm. Swing it. Swing it. SWING IT! YES! Warm blood. Warm blood spilling out from her lower jaw. The tender spot, thank you…oh thank you for giving me this gift. Allow me to drink for just a moment before you put me back. Just a few swallows if you please. You can put me back as soon as I have had my fill. Don't remove me just yet…I see that you are looking at her now, would you like a taste as well? Wait; is that a siren in the distance? Quick! The neighbor must have heard something, seen something. Put me back you fool! Wait! Come back! You dropped me…you left me…how could you? We were partners! You left me here, all alone on the floor next to her pale feet. Why? What have I done to you? Don't let them get me…there will be no more blood, no more pleasure. Don't let them get me….please.