what you see is it what you get?

what you say is it what you think?

what you have is it what you need?

what you do is it what you feel?

are stupid questions?

tell me what you are really searching for

in this world in which

majority people look unhappy.

a child can get lost without his mother

a woman can suffer in silence

a man can yell if can't cry

in fact, what the hell who cares?

sometime we were whole

because sometime we ran towards

the end of the maze

and saw freedom.

we lost the notion of time

as we remained to dreaming of

go to the moon

or reach for sun

in order what?

why not are we able to face reality?

.. sometimes it's better living in illusions

but illusions don't live into us.

at night you stay awake in your precious nightmare

when you were left alone

the eternal dream that I believe

is invisible to you

what can we talk?

I already said everything about me

and you've not said a thing but lies

that's not care, because it's more interesting.

as perfect as imperfect

I wanna be ugly

not being mirror's slave

as perfect as imperfect

I wanna be fool

not knowing how people can injure

as perfect as imperfect

I wanna be blind if you need help

wanna be dumb if you need advise

wanna be deaf if you need speak

because you know very good

you wouldn't assist me

if I was miserable

you wouldn't assist me

pity is true hypocrisy.