Exiled, Loved, Tempted and Unnamed

I saw the king sitting on his golden throne

He looked so worthlessly rich and alone

His head filled with his own importance

His body filled with his jerking impotence

He turned to me with a fixed look of greed

And said, "Do you have any weed?"


I was shocked by the question above

So I replied with my best appearance of love

"Why do I look like that sort of guy?

And why are you asking such a little small fry?"

And the king sat back like he had been burnt

"This golden throne just really hurts


It rubs against my bones to make them red

I wish I could just be dead"

I was shocked by this false self pity

From a man who had a garden the size of a city

I turned to him with venom in my eyes

And a voice that made him despised


"What have you got to complain about that's so dire?

My chair is made of barbed wire

My mattress is full of razor blades

My wife huffs and snorts like she's got it made

Last week some guy made me wear a crown of thorns

Just for blowing on my wooden horn"


And I think the king was angered

Because he ordered me to be dangled

He rose from his chair of gold

He could barely stand he was so rich and old

But he had guards come and arrest my ass

They took me to the walls and threw me through the glass


I landed with a squelch in the mud

And I couldn't see because of the blood

I wiped it away and walked forward

I walked, no matter that I felt tortured

I collapsed at the door and was seen by a young woman

Who smiled even though I couldn't


She gave me some soup, which I ate with grace

Well I would have done if I had found my face

I was too busy staring at her

My eyes were feeling a simple burn

She just stared and said, "I think you're weird,

And I don't like men without a beard


I paused at my soup "I don't want to look dim

But I have a beard, it's under my chin"

She just laughed at me with scorn

"Boy, have you yet to be born?"

Thrown by this statement crazed

I stared at her through the haze


"I know from your face that you have eyes

I know from your legs that you have thighs

But I am unsure about your chest

I wonder about the size of your breasts"

And she leered at me and with a voice so cruel

Like she wanted me in a duel


"You can see my skin if it pleases us

And by that I mean me and Jesus"

And there I was up and away

I could have been born again but that day

I didn't feel like serving another man

I'd already run from the king on his silver can


So I think for now I'll keep on runnin'

Because there's an executioner who keeps on drummin'

A king who wants to see me beg

A girl who wants to cripple me in a Christian bed

But they can't ever reach me now

Because I'm out of reach as long as I'm allowed