Inspired by the thought…

Yet denied by my pain

When your eye I caught

Staring through the rain

I thought of the time we spent together

But now, between us, there's terrible weather

I want to hold you close,

To soak in your warmth

To sweetly dose

Away from all that storm'th

I know it can't be so, for the time being

But your smile is all that my heart is seeing

An implosion of feelings

Whenever we touch

Such playful dealings

Like fighting and such

I cannot decide whether to love or to hate

Right now I'm in an emotional straight

Such contradiction

Can't stay away or come near

I can't portray fiction

When I feel so much fear

Why do I love when I'm so scared to feel

I know I need time for this wound to heal

Why do you look

With doleful eyes,

Where is the book

With my record of tries?

I need human touch

But who can give me such,

When it pains me to feel

Anything truly real?

Where is my escape?

For a quick exit,

I scream and I scrape.