Early evening Sammi lit the fire and sits down with her book, the pages didn't make sense, she couldn't read as the tears started to stain the pages. In frustration she throws the book into the fire.

She hears a creak on the veranda and a sound at the door. Sammi went to the door "who is it"

Nobody answered. Sammi grabbed her shot gun and yanked the door open pointing the gun out

"jeezus don't shoot" said a startled Rachael throwing her hands up, her bag drops to the ground

Sammi lowered the gun "what are you doing here" she looks around outside

"Sammi it's just me…. I'm alone. I'm not the same person that Chris left here last winter and I am not that person who wants to be with her anymore."

"Rachael" whines Sammi

"Look if you don't want me to stay, if you don't want me to be a part of your life I need to know. But if you don't then I'll go and never bother you again." Rachael stares into Sammi's eyes for some sign

Sammi puts the gun down behind the door and lets Rachael in "I do..... I really do Rachael"

"why… tell me why you want me to stay" pushes Rachael

Sammi blushes "because I just threw my last book into the fire" half laughs

Rachael's eyes drop away from Sammi's reply but Sammi lifts her chin "I really want you to stay because I love you"

Rachael hugs Sammi and kisses her "that's all I needed to know"

The end