A/N: Wrote this one one of those perfect fall days, which are my favorite; Fall is generally something I'm fond of; one of my favorite seasons. So I wrote this. Not sure if I'll finished with it yet though. Comments and advice, constructive criticism, are welcome and appreciated. Read. Review. Enjoy.

Autumn Serenity

Blue and crisp is clear fall day
Leaves of fire along the ground
Cool is air and calm the sky
Soothing and refreshing the world.

Oven hot days of summer now gone
Evenings of barbeques and picnics,
Days of swimming and carefree fun
Long gone now to yearly cycle

School days and return of order
Harvest of labor and food gathered
Preparation for cold winter snow
As autumn wind cools the land

Crunching of red, yellow, and orange
Fiery shades upon the earthen tones
Turquoise blues streaked with pearl white
Colors abound to celebrate the season.

Wind blows so crisp and cool
Refreshing and soothing and clear
Shades of fire and sky and earth
Rejoicing the serenity of autumn