Leaving me with empty breath,
Empty mesh of love and hurt.
(Funny how they work together.)

Nothing but the glow of the meaningless screen,
Filled with images we pay no attention to.
(It's hard enough to breathe
When all I taste is you.)

Hide your face within my arms as
Things turn for the worst.
(We both know we're making excuses.)

Tremble, mumble incoherent nothings,
(Not like they matter anyway,)

As free form bliss berates your senses.

Fingers entwine around shaking fingers as
Breath mingles with frightened breath.
Mixed magnets meld amongst each other,
Pushing, pulling through sparkling barriers that
Electrify our lips.

Your face iridescent in the awkward light
Before our eyes close in unison.

Rockets sound as bodies press,
Shockwaves soaring through our skin as we
Rip, tear, press, feel,
Yearn to disintegrate within these arms.
But all fireworks fizzle eventually,
All planes run out of sky
As hearts run out of room.

I know she's taking up yours
The way you take up mine, and
Maybe that's okay.

(But it's a long walk home.)