She lifts her nose and sniffs the cold wind

Her eyes widen with suspicion and her teeth begin to show

Then her skin prickles with fear and her fur rises

She faces the direction the evil scent is drifting from

She quivers with frightened anticipation as she waits for a fight

Suddenly she falls with a shrill yelp of pain and terror

Immediately she jumps up and starts running as fast as her body allows her

All she knows now is that she must get away

She leaves a trail of bright red behind her on the snow covered ground

At first she runs swiftly and she almost starts to feel safe again

Then she realizes with a shock that she is slowing down

Her mind spins with horrified confusion

She stops running

Then she stops walking

Then she lays down

The smells of her evil pursuer and her own blood grow strong

But she doesn't care anymore

She sees a blurry form over her before she closes her eyes

She doesn't hear the loud sound of the gun

She doesn't see the man walk away

Leaving her there without regret

As the sky slowly covers her body with a layer of icicles

And no one cares that a wolf was killed

By a man with a weapon called a gun

No one cares that I was killed

By a man with a weapon called love

No one cares that we will never see spring

No one cares

Especially not the man who killed us