A poem written by Felicite and co-authored by Dice Darwin. Inspired to e-mail subjects.

Heart of Hearts

The liquid heart never breaks,
but if you drop it, it splatters on the walls like a caricature of art.
The frozen hearts shatters the easiest,
the flying pieces of sharpnel that wound everything and anyone.
The burning heart agonizes the most,
glossing the pain with a glazed-heart pottery.
The bleeding heart is the most vulnerable,
carving tracks like acid down your cheeks.
The guarded heart beats in solitude,
alone, friendless, bitter.
The caged heart beats furiously,
forever breaking off pieces of itself against the eternity of time.
The golden heart is rare and cherished,
never to be touched, only admired.
The softest heart is most flexible,
easily molded into the greatest weapon or the most beautiful art.
The lifeless heart remains forever silent,
beating soundlessly in the still grave.
The heart in love is most beautiful,
glowing with the happiness of a lifetime.

These are the shadows of emotion
that flicker across our lives,
leaving nothing untouched.

This is my heart of hearts.