The Wanderer

The shade of the moon is all around me

I could feel that no one surrounds me

The cold wind of night is blowing

The bright light of the city is glowing

Pulling my arms to warm myself

Walking down this road

I realize I have no jacket for myself

It gets daker but still cold

As the rain falls, I to fall

As it splashes, I to splash

Pieces of myself are scattered

No other thing to do, so I searched

The shine of the sun covers the land

I could feel lost as I walk the land

The dusky wind of day is blowing over

The cloudy rain of the plains are lifting over

Dropping my legs to rest myself

Sitting down in the strange place

I realize I have no home for myself

Its dark again, and i'm still lost in this place

In so many pieces where I cant pull myself together

Walking this world searching for myself

The last piece that will make me complete

But for now, call me The Wanderer