Sometimes I feel that

I don't show much love

I don't much affection

I don't show much appreciation

See, I'm on of those new breed of people

The angry daughter

The frustrated teenager

The made writer prone to drama and exaggeration

(As we all are)

And we all go through that phase

Where you want to change yourself, the world, and everyone else in it

Until the last stop –


& then


Then appreciation

As for my family, you see,

I'm afraid

One day I may not be able to embrace them

Touch them,

Kiss them,

Tell them how much I love them

(But I remain silent

Because that's just how I am)

However life is unpredictable

Fear is understandable

Truthfully, I'm still afraid of dying

Because I'm afraid I'd lose them

And everyone else I adore

Who knows when my time is up?

(A/N: I wasn't thinking of fancy words when I wrote this down, but rather just writing it down. Maybe as a reminder? I remember writing this after waking up cold and shaking from a nightmare. I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of leaving people or losing them when I do go or when they do.