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Harper's parents have three kids, and they are falling behind in bills and everything. So when her parents finally have to come down to it, they send her to boarding school. The cheapest one they can find is the All American Boys Boarding School. You see the only reason she's going to an all boys boarding school is that her parents are friends with the dean of the school. Harper will be the only girl there! Among hundreds of boys!

"MOM! THIS IS SO NOT FAIR!" Harper Jenneson yelled at her mom.

"Sweetie we hate to do this to you but we don't have the money for three kids." Harper's mom said guiltily

"THEN WHY HAVE THREE KIDS!!" Harper screamed with tears formingin her eyes.


"We're really sorry we have to send you there, but we just can't afford you, and your basically going to this school for free, so

we can afford to give you 4000 dollars." her dad said sadly.

"So you can afford to give me 4000 dollars, but not for me?" Harper said on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but it's one year, two at the most." her mother said.

"Whatever." Harper mumbled so it really came out whaevr.

"Harper your sisters are in your room." her dad said.

Harper didn't say anything at all until she got to the top of the stairs and screamed "IM ONLY 15 YEARS OLD AND IM GETTING KICKED OUT TO AN ALL BOYS BOARDING SCHOOL!!!" Harper yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Sissy? What's wrong?" said Harper's youngest sister.

Parents POV

"I can't believe we have to send her away like this" Harpers mom said.

"Well it's for the best, she'll get used to it." her dad said.

"Well I don't think it helps that she has to leave all her friends and go to an all boy boarding school." her mom said.

"Well it's every15 year oldgirl dream come true...eventually." her father finished saying

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