There is no true greatest poet

We all have experiences

And find ways to show it

No one can say

"My words are the best"

Just show it to someone else,

And let that be the test

There are a few,

Widely known people

Who's vocabularies grew

And proclaimed it from steeples

We are the "little",

The un-proclaimed poets,

We stay pure in our feelings

Unlike manufactured "flow-its"

People should know,

There's no ugly poem

Just misunderstood people

Who try to show them

Some are better at the visual arts

But meaning has the most

Of all language parts

What would you say

If some were read aloud

By a well liked poet

In front of the crowd

But, truly It was

His poor little cuz'

Splaying his heart

On a piece of paper

Would it make the news

Or even a caper?

Try not to think

That someone who writes is wrong

Because sometimes

Kids write a song

We can't always assume

And go into a fume

Because we don't agree

But that's not the point, you see?

Poetry's tainted

By the way it is painted

It's written to portray

A portrait of the heart

But words are so small

They can only show one part

We say it's all in the reader's gain

But do we not all watch ourselves in vain?

If we were told a truth we did not want

Not even a hint of it,

On our conscience daunt.

The poem is not

For the reader,

But the poet

For the reader is not

The one trying to show it

Therefore either the reader knows

And the poet needs them to see

That the poet has lows

And needs to be free