"Hello? Oh, sorry wrong number"

Addison Kolgan – The guy that called the wrong number when trying to get a hold his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Daniel Follett – The guy that picked up the phone right after a shower.


Addison sighed and held the phone to his ear, picking at his finger nail polish with his other hand. He went to chew on his fingernail when the phone was picked up.

"Daniel?" Addison said questioning.

"Yeah?" Daniel said, shocking Addison. Since his boyfriend's voice was a lot deeper then before and he answered with just a 'yeah' and not the normal "I miss you baby" and "I love you". Yuck.

Addison shook his head and continued on with his call, "Daniel, sweetie. We have been going out for a long time but I think –"

"Whoa, hey there chick, I'm not your boyfriend" Daniel said in that deep voice of his.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Wrong number! Bye" And the Addison hung up, before it dawned on him that he was just called a 'chick' by someone he doesn't know.

Addison was manly! Sure, he was small and girly looking and all that but he voice was deep! Like the ocean. If… it was a kid's pool that was jumped in all day by hyper children. So what if it was soft! He was still manly! Stupid, black hair and green eyes. And small body! STUPID YOU!

Addison pushed redial and waited.

"Yeah?" The voice said.

"Yeah, hello. I'm the guy who just called you, that you mistaken for a girl. But it's okay. I forgive you" Addison said in a reassuring voice.

"Look, dude, I'm sorry I called you a girl. Bye" Then he hung up.

Addison pressed his lips together and hung up as well. He glared at the phone, and pushed redial again.


"Look, dude, I was just trying to correct you. You don't have to be all angry about it and hang up!" Addison raised his voice a little.

"What are you wearing?" Daniel asked randomly.

"Excuse me?" Addison asked in a shocked voice.

"Cause I'm wearing nothing, because I just got out of the shower and you keep calling me!" Daniel raised his voice back at Addison, before hanging up.

Addison pouted and said fine before pushing the 'End' button. He pushed the redial button and wrote the number down. Then he called his boyfriend to break it off.


Daniel sighed and put his shirt on as his best friend and roommate came in his room, yelling the words along the lines of "Take it off, sexy!"

Daniel rolled his eyes and sat on his bed to put his socks on. "I just put it on" he said, as his roommate laughed.

"I heard the phone ringing and it was all the way in here. So I was all, 'I'm going to find it!' and here I am!" Bradley said cheerfully, "so who was it that called? Over and over again?"

"Some guy that I mistaken for a chick. He called to break up with his boyfriend but must of dialed the wrong number or something" Daniel said laying back on his bed.

"A fat guy, breaking up with his phone whore?" Bradley questioned, leaning over Daniel's body.

Daniel shrugged and watched Bradley play with the buttons on his shirt.

Bradley was a small guy, really angel looking. Light blond hair with those two beautiful blue eyes, pale skin and all that jazz. Sex-drive like an animal in heat.

While Daniel was a dark devil looking person. Black hair with dark eyes and tan skin from working on cars in the sun a lot. And his sex-drive is like all men. But he is just to lazy to do anything about it.

The phone rang again and Daniel sat up and Bradley crawled in his lap. Daniel grabbed the phone and held it to his ear watching Bradley strip of his shirt.


"I broke up with my boyfriend" Addison said, nodding his head a little.

"Oh god. It's you" Daniel said in an slightly odd voice.

"What do you mean "It's you"!" Addison growled out.

"I mean, it's the crazy guy that's calling me" Daniel said a little panted.

Addison heard a soft moan in the back round. He blushed and glared at the wall in front of him, "Are you having sex!?"

"No. I'm letting my roommate.. ah… ride me" Daniel said, trying to sound calm, "Wait a second"

Addison heard the phone be dropped to the floor, and the bed make some noises. Moans starting coming and a voice saying 'Oh god, Daniel. Harder!'.

Addison blushed and hung up the phone. Having sex with someone you don't love is wrong!