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Disclaimer & A/N: The title and general idea of the game Domination is from a Harry/Draco fic called 'Time Shall Not Sever Us' by Laurence Ashton/mahoganyhandle (on livejournal). But this version of the game and everything else is mine. This is neither a magical fic nor a Harry/Draco fanfic. Characters and situations belong to me. Only the title and general idea of the game belongs to Laurence. Laurence's story is very good and you should check it out either at fanfiction under the author name: L.Ash or at livejournal under the user name: mahoganyhandle. You can reach her LJ account through mine under my friends list. I hope you enjoy the story!! ;-)

Summary: One-shot. It's a game you see. Domination. It's a test of will and endurance. A game of dominance and submission. A game my lover and I play often. SLASH. M/M with very explicit content. You have been warned! ;-)

It's a game you see. Domination. It's a game that lovers play, and one that my lover and I play often. It's the epitome of eroticism, a test of will and endurance. A game of dominance and submission, not to mention it definitely keeps things interesting. And tonight is game night, and my lover and I are just about ready to start.

"Are you ready?" Adrian, my lover, asks me as he eyes me from the doorway.

"In a minute baby, I just need to put on my shoes," I answer back as I rise from the vanity mirror in our room.

I see him watching me as I cross the room to the walk in closet to retrieve said shoes. He can barely keep his hands off me now so I know tonight is going to be murder on him. I can hardly wait, as I feel the anticipation electrifying between us as an almost palpable entity. I finish up, grab my coat and as I leave the room, I'm sure to brush up against him as I slide beside him through the door.

I can't help but smirk as I feel his eyes on my faux leather clad ass as we descend the stair case to the kitchen. As I enter I see the box of aphrodisiac laden chocolate covered strawberries on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. I approach the box sensually and pick up a strawberry with delicate fingers and bring it to my awaiting mouth. Adrian watches me the whole time from the counter right in front of me, with barely disguised lust in his eyes. I pick up another strawberry and walk over to stand in front of him holding it to his lips. Then watch as his tongue peeks out to lick it before he devours the entire thing. Then he sucks my fingers clean as I feel heat consume me.

"Let's have two tonight," I say breathily in barely a whisper.

"Dante," he says in a voice that tells me I'm pushing him to his limits of control. But I know that he'll do it, because he always gives me what I want.

I take his hand and pull him, unwillingly, over to the island counter where the box sits and pick up another strawberry and repeat feeding him. Then I take another for myself, and watch as his pupils dilate turning his dark brown eyes black as he fights with the beast inside of him to stay in control.

"We better leave now, Dominic and Jeremy are probably already at the restaurant," I say walking to the front door and putting some distance between us so Adrian can collect himself. And so I can as well other wise neither of us will be making it out of the house tonight. He follows me after a few minutes, grabs his coat and helps me into mine with the least amount of touching possible. I can't help but smile at that as we exit the house and enter the awaiting limo out front.


When we reach the restaurant our driver, Timothy, opens our door and Adrian steps out behind me. As we walk towards the front door Adrian slips his arm around my waist underneath my coat so his hand slides across the skin of my lower back under my shirt. The sensation is instantaneous and electrifying and my breathing grows shallow. 'So the game is officially on,' I think, and slide my body up, just minutely touching his side, to his ear.

"Well the game wouldn't be any fun if only one of us were playing, now would it?" I whisper extremely close to his ear but without touching my lips to it. And as my breath ghosts over his skin, I can feel him shiver involuntarily.

"Not at all love. Not at all," he says with a smirk as we enter the restaurant.

We must look like liquid sex or something because the hostess bushes scarlet red and averts her eyes upon our entry and her seeing us. I smirk a little but change it to a smile when she gathers herself and looks back up.

"Um, what name is your reservation under gentlemen?" she asks still blushing.

"Calem, I believe," Adrian says in a voice that sends lava down my spine.

"Right, um, Mr. Calem, please right this way," she barely gets out, as it seems that she was affected by Adrian's voice as well. As we follow her to our booth we see Dominic walking back to it with Jeremy already sitting down. We reach the table at the same time and Dominic gets a shit eating grin on his face.

"Well I see you're game is already under way," he says still grinning as he slides down into the booth. We just smirk at him as we do the same and the hostess hands us our menus.

"Your server will be right with you gentlemen. Enjoy your meal," the hostess says finally getting her blushing under control. That is until Adrian just had to say something else.

"Oh, believe me, we will. We're quite… starved," he says, looking at her in a way that totally and complete belies the, some what, innocents of that statement. And I feel a rush of heat run through me as he turns his hungry gaze toward me. I see the hostess scramble off blushing with little composure out of the corner of my eye, but then my breath hitches as I feel Adrian's lips on my neck. But I refuse to submit to him, so I begin to run my fingers up and down his thigh gradually letting the touch get stronger and higher. He finally releases my neck through when the presser inside him becomes too much.

"Well, this should turn out to be an interesting night," I hear Jeremy whisper in his thick English accent. Adrian and I turn to look at him, as he leans into Dominic who raps his arm around him pulling him close.

"Interesting or entrancing?" Dominic asks nibbling his ear.

"Mmm, both I'm sure," Jeremy says looking up as our server approaches.

We place our order and have light conversation, along with more teasing between Adrian and me, as we wait for our food to arrive. We eat and drink with much of the same, though Adrian and I only drink our waters and do not touch our wines until we are ready to leave. Alcohol, you see, causes the aphrodisiac to affect you ten fold. That's why we wait, because though the game has started it's just chills play right now. It doesn't really begin until we get to the club. And we go there, after dinner.


As we enter the club, I feel the base vibrate through out my body and it's like a switch has been turned on as my heart beats faster, my breathing get deeper and my body hums. I look over to Adrian and I can tell he feels the same. Mm, now it's really time to play. His arm goes around me easily without the hindrance of a jacket, since we left ours in the limo, and he guides me over to the dance floor.

As our bodies are swarmed by the mass of people and we're smashed closer to gather with friction all around us, I feel the inferno rise within me and my heart beat quickens even more. We start off slow with light touches here and there. On my arms, on his neck, on my chest, on his back, but as the base gets stronger and the mass of bodies gyrate harder, so do we, and pretty soon our hands are all over each other's skin. But lest we forget, it's a game of restraint. Though our hands are all over, we're still in control. But it's only a matter of time before one of us breaks.

It's a sensual dance but if you falter in rhythm that is also a sign of submission. You last as long as you can with the stimulation your partner gives. Grinding of hips, wandering lips, questing hands, and feverish fingertips. The intensity building until one of you is utterly and completely undone.

Adrian finally submits to me pulling my body into his and attacking my mouth and neck. Now he'll give me anything I want. I ease Adrian off of me and walk over to Dominic and Jeremy.

"WE'RE HEADING HOME NOW," I yell in Dominic and Jeremy's ears over the loud music. They smirk at us and nod their heads in understanding. I wink at them and pull Adrian along to the door.

The cool air out side hits our heated sweaty bodies and we both gasp at the sensation. I notice it smells like rain out side and I'm thankful we won't be caught in it. Our limo-driver sees us and pulls up to the curb, and we get in not waiting for him to open the door for us. The drive home seems agonizingly long, but I still make Adrian sit across from me on the other seat forbidding him to touch.


By the time we make it home, Adrian can barely hold himself together. That's why I love this game so much. It's the only time I see my lover less than impeccable and perfect. Normally he has to keep the façade of the uptight business man, but during Domination, he's free to let go. I see his image crack, and for a brief moment he's able to be human like us mire mortals again. I know that's why he loves the game as well.

We enter our bedroom and I walk over to the curtains to let the moon light in and see the rain has started to pour. When I turn around I see Adrian looking at me desperately. I nod my head and watch with baited breath as he strips off his clothes, climes onto the bed and lays down on his back spreading his legs wantonly, leaving himself open to me. I can no longer restrain myself from touching him and I remove my clothes as I walk swiftly to the bed and crawl between his legs. Adrian and I moan as our skin finally makes contact and he attacks my lips with abandon. I allow his kiss because I want it just as badly as he does and I deepen it further pressing him harder into the mattress.

"Please Dante. Please take me," Adrian pleads breaking off our kiss.

I just smirk at him bring his hands above his head and raping them around two posts on our headboard.

"Don't move," I whisper in his ear then lick around the shell of it.

Adrian moans and I feel his muscles tighten beneath me as he tries to keep his body from writhing. I continue kissing and sucking down his neck and chest, licking and nibbling on the hard nubs of his nipples. I keep going straight down to his bellybutton then divert at his patch of curly dark brown hair to the junction between his thigh and his crotch. I nibble and suck then lick from the bottom of where the junction starts all the way up to his hipbone. Adrian gasps and nearly screams as he starts writhing beneath me unable to control himself any longer. I bring his legs over my shoulders, rap my left arm across his stomach and my right arm across his hips and hold him down as I devour his member. He does scream this time and tightens his hands around the posts in an attempt to lift himself closer to me but my arms hold him down firmly.

"Mmm, Dante please let me touch you," he begs but I nip at the head of his member look him in the eyes and tell him no.

He whimpers dejectedly but his whimpers turn to moans as I swallow him whole again and swirl my tongue around the base of his member. I quicken my ministrations and I hear his breath get shallow and faster. I remove my right arm from his hips and slip my pointer finger into my mouth beside his cock. When I feel it's slick enough I remove it from my mouth and bring it to his puckered entrance. I feel him buck against me and I smirk around his member as I slide my finger into his entrance. He gives a growl-ish groan when the tip of my finger hits his sweet spot and I remove my left arm from his stomach to fondle his scrotum. Adrian raises his hips to meet me as I quicken my pace even further and he gives a high pitched scream when he reaches release. I swallow all he gives and lick him clean then crawl back up his body.

"We're far from finished love," I whisper into his mouth then devour it, smiling when he moans from tasting himself on my lips.

I reach into the nightstand drawer and pull out the lube and a cock-ring, but I don't let him see it. I cover my fingers with lube then start preparing him slowly, but I don't slip the cock-ring on until I have three fingers inside of him and he's hard again. He starts at the feel of it then whimpers because he knows what's to come. Or rather who won't be come anytime soon. I slick my member with the lube and position myself at his entrance, lock eyes with him and enter him excruciatingly slow.

"Pleeease let me touch you," he whimpers and wines.

I smile at him and nod my head yes. He breaths a sigh of relief and locks his arm and legs around me, his fingers clawing at my back. When I'm inside him all the way I pause and kiss him hard, causing him to moan as he tries to pull me deeper into him. I begin to move slowly then set a medium pace as I move in and out of his body with him writhing under me. When I feel myself getting close I slow the pace down until I get control of myself and then speed it up again. I continue to taunt and tease him like this for hours with touches and caresses some times forbidding his touch again, until he can no longer take it and he's crying and begging me to let him cum.

"Please Dante. Please. It hurts" he cries hoarsely, his throat raw from his screams of agonizing pleasure.

I finally take pity on him and remove the ring from his member as I speed up my pace. I don't touch his member at all after that, wanting him to cum on his own without being coxed.

"Mmm, yes. Dante yes!" he chants as we near our completion.

We cum together, me inside him moaning his name, and him between our bodies screaming my name huskily. We stay in our positions panting, holding each other tight, as our bodies begin to cool and we start to calm down.

"I must admit, I rather enjoy losing to you," Adrian says quietly as he rubs my back soothingly.

"I hope that doesn't mean that you let me win," I tease sleepily though I know it's not true.

"Never," he says softly with a smile then lifts my face to his and kisses me gently but deeply.

"Thank you," he says laying my head back down on his chest.

I moan at the loss as my member softens and slips out of him. He chuckles at me then kisses my hair as he runs his fingers through it.

"I love you," he whispers in my ear quietly.

"Go to sleep," he says kissing my temple and continuing to run his fingers through my hair as he lays his head back down on his pillow.

"I love you too," I say falling asleep with a smile knowing he really does love me and that I pleased him so.

Le Fin

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