For every teenager summer is the time to reinvent oneself. It's a time to lose weight, bulk up, make new friends, try a new hairstyle, and plan who you'll be in the upcoming school year. People can change in just a few months – a change so drastic no one would recognize you. Although change is sometimes good, many people don't like it or can't handle it. The people in Davensport don't do change.

Before summer:

Evan Jenkins – A cocky jock that has "ruled" the school ever since the sixth grade. As a senior, Evan has already been planning to make all the underclassmen go through hell and continue to reign as the "king" of Davensport High. His change tolerance – he has none.

Tanner Ravenscraft – One of those students who everyone knows but isn't friends with. He played volleyball for two seasons, was on the Honor Roll for three years, but usually keeps to himself. In all honesty, he's a mystery no one has been able to crack.

And finally, Hayden Montez. Although she's been voted Prom Queen at Junior Prom (which she didn't even go to) and Evan used to have this huge crush on her for years, but when she finally made it clear she wasn't interested he became her biggest enemy, Hayden just wants to finish her high school career as fast as she can.

Now, what everyone is like after summer – after tanning on the beach or spending the summer plain gin a band or staying home and being a couch potato – who knows? And what better way to find out by having all your classmates come together to exchange summer-fling stories, show off new clothes and body types and explain about new moves the captain of the football team learning, on and off the field? One word: school.