I dared to be different and not blend in with the crowd. I wasn't your average person. People called me a freak. I looked and acted different from everybody. I wore black clothes, had black shiny hair, and wore knee high black leather boots.

People said I was a loner, but I wasn't. I had my three "Goth" friends; Sasha Campbell, Tara Black, and Adrian Sadana. People called us freaks, weirdoes, and outsiders. I didn't consider myself any of those. I was myself and unique. I wasn't one to try to fit in.

I held my head high throughout school, despite the entire name calling and taunting. I was a straight "A" student and was involved in newspaper club. I once wrote an article about individuality, but the popular kids ripped the article out before people could see it. They blamed my friend Sasha. It infuriated me. How dare they rip it out of the newspaper? How dare they destroy my precious work?

My peers never gave me a chance to show them that I was a good person. Despite me looking like a Goth, I was really a Christian. I accepted Jesus when I was a little girl, but recently I found a youth group. I accepted Jesus this time. I know I'm a sinner. I know I'm not perfect. My peers accepted her in youth group, even though they didn't go to her high school.

My name was Sierra Riviera. I had dreams and goals. I wanted to attend an Ivy League school, be a lawyer, however my life was cut short.

I was a victim in a school shooting. Some psycho came into school on a Wednesday and shot me. I was targeted because I was different, unique. I wasn't the only victim. My best friends were also shot, but they survived. Sasha suffered a gunshot to her abdomen. Tara sustained a gunshot to her shoulder, and Adrian had a gun shot to his leg. We were shot because we dared to different.