A model of perfection

Beauty in her grace, a gorgeous face

So scared of rejection

Where good looks and solitude collide

Head held high, just can't cry

Because then they'd know she was hollow inside

Lonely's her middle name

She's vanity's friend, no love to lend

To those who are not the same

The ground's grey ceiling

Swallows her, surrounds her

Her heart's left torn and bleeding

She's ignored, the cost of envy

Tear filled eyes, hide no disguise

She follows sorrow blindly

Like a leaf caught in a puff of air

She floats away, won't ever stay

Where friends are forgotten and no one cares

They all whisper, "Is she okay?"

Sooner or later, they're going to forget her

She can't make them stay

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The price of beauty, I must disagree

Is certainly not worth the fall