A/N: I do not support pedophilia. I do NOT think that it is right. Keep in mind, please, that I am not a bad person. I just wrote down this poem. If I offend in any way, I apologize.

Come closer to me, little girl,

I'll tell you something sweet.

I'll brush the hair out of your eyes

And I'll give you a treat.

Little dear, give me your hand,

So tiny in my own…

I'll guide it to a special place,

Where I keep ice cream cones.

I see your modest glowing face,

Your little precious smile

A grin which I reciprocate,

So pure against my guile.

It's better if you trust me

Just look into my eyes…

Do I look like a person

Who brings evil in disguise?

Follow me, I'll take you

To my sugar-coated nest.

And I will give you tasty treats

If you'll give me the best.

You're far too young to 'just say no,'

And dying to grow up

So just take off your little coat

And drain this tainted cup.

I know you know how 'happy' feels,

But do you know of 'pleasure'?

Lie down on this bed:

I'll introduce you to this treasure.

Ribbons made to be untied

And zippers be unzipped

Bodies made with spots to touch

…and bad girls to be whipped.

I'm capable of many things

For example, painand joy

And I'll give you the latter

If tonight you'll be my toy.

Just become catatonic,

And you won't feel a thing

You will not hear the high notes

Of the wonders you can sing

We both know your parents love you,

But I can love you more

I'll show you love in ways that you

Have not been loved before

When you've done yourself justice

Once you've proven all your worth

You'll remember this fine evening

Just as you recall your birth

And when I'm done, I look at you,

A corrupted little soul

A reminder of another doll

Whose childhood I stole.

By the way, I want to wish my dear friend KATIE a happy 15th birthday! I know this is a rather out of place way, but you know I love you!