To those with weak stomachs and vivid imaginations, i suggest you don't read this chapter...or the next few for that matter.

Ch. 5 Another place of home

Kai felt panic rise in his mind as his heart began to race. He whipped his head around, seeing only darkness surrounding him. What happened? The panic increased, and Kai felt a wave of weakness fall over his body, forcing him to fall to his knees. His breath became shallow raspy, as if something was growing inside his throat that was choking him. What was going on?

A rush of wind blew through his long hair, and he glanced up to find himself back in the park. He glanced around, and found the boy he saw earlier was nowhere to be found.

Was…was that real? He stood up in wonder, glancing around, seeing nothing and no one. Everything was as it had been before. Wait…something was different; A feeling around him, as if some ominous presence haunted behind his back. He glanced over his shoulder, and saw no one. But why did everything seem darker then before? He glanced to the sky, and found it was completely over cast with thick clouds and no moon to give light. He could swear, there had been an empty sky when he had come here. Clouds didn't move that fast to cover the sky…no matter how matter what the wind speed was.

Kai realized also there was absolute silence around him. No city noise, no hum of cars crossing the freeway. What did that boy do?

Kai turned back to the city, seeing the usual lights of the sky scrapers and buildings, yet none of the houses seemed to have a single light on. There was only one thing he could do right now…and that was to go home. Maybe this was all an illusion, a trick of his mind. The site of his mother would clear everything.

Instead of the slow walk he had done on his way here, he ran the entire way back. He had lived in this town for almost all of his life, and he subconsciously knew every turn and street as he just let his legs carry him home.

He never felt so relieved to see the green Victorian style house come into his view. But that feeling quickly dissolved as he stepped onto the sidewalk leading up to the white wooden door. The hairs on his neck tingled as he approached the knob and turned it slowly, and pushed. The hinges squeaked as he entered the house, and slowly closed behind him. The room was completely dark, with no lights on whatsoever in the house. There was an odd smell in the air… Kai checked the time on his watch, but couldn't see where the hands pointed. He reached to the side wall, and flicked on the light switch.

Kai jumped as the entrance hallway was lit up. He stared wide eyed at the spectacle on the floor. His brother Bryan was completely naked on the floor, his hands and legs nailed into the tile with thick iron stakes that held his body in the shape of an X. His chest stomach were covered with blood, long deep cuts were grooved into his flesh, lining his rib cage and abdomen, a large puddle growing beneath him.

Somehow he was still alive, his eyes wide with excruciating pain and fear. His mouth spewed out blood like fountain over his lips, and every breath was choked and gasping.

Kai stumbled back in horror, hyperventilating as his eyes took everything in. Bryan's pupils rotated as his head turned to stare at his younger brother, the red river from his mouth spilling faster as he tried to speak.

"K..ka…Kai…" he gasped. "Hel…help…"

Bryan's body shuddered and his eyes closed before coming absolutely still. Kai stood paralyzed with his back against the wall, his arms twitching and shaking like mad. Bryan had just died in front of him in a grisly death unlike he had ever seen, and somehow his mind was intact enough for him to think. Where was his parents? Who had done this?

He knew he had to move. He had to find mom and dad, fearing that they had met a similar fate. Slowly he scaled the wall, trying to step around his brothers body. He closed his eyes, tears coming down his face as he heard the sticky squelch of his shoes walking through the puddle of blood. He couldn't control his erratic breathing, fear and mental pain consuming his consciousness.

He felt across the wall, and found the turning corner, and quickly dashed around the bend and ran towards the stairs to the master bedroom, denial and hope that his parents were ok filling his thoughts.

The door to there room was open, the light remained off. Slowly he approached inside, and sighed as he saw the dark silhouette of his mom on the bed.

"MOM!" he cried, rushing inside, then halted. The smell of blood and rotting flesh was as strong inside here as it was in the hallway. The shadow of his mothers arm lifted, and in the darkness Kai stared in shock at a long butcher knife gripped inside her hand before it came slamming down into the bed with a sound of something splattering.

"I hated him," the voice of his mother muttered with an odd tone. "I wanted him dead when he wouldn't come help you," the knife came back up again and slammed down as if in a slow rhythm. Kai shuddered as he realized who she was stabbing on top of the bed. "But I realize it isn't his fault," she continued, and turned her head to face him. In the dim light he could see her face and blouse were stained with another's blood. "It was yours…your pathetic brain couldn't handle a girl breaking up with you…and then she disappeared and it made everything worse."

She brought the knife out in front of her, coated with thick amounts of blood. "It was your fault. You destroyed our perfect life. Everything came out of balance when you went insane…"

"No mom…" Kai whispered, crying his eyes out in disbelief of what was right in front of him.

"You…you're the last to die!" she yelled before leaping off the bed, slashing the knife at him.

Kai jumped to the side, his instinct kicking in just in time. His mother screamed psychoticly, and chased after him with knife. Kai ran out the door, kicking it closed just as she came after him. He heard her yells of anger before she tore the door open and followed him down the stairs, knife in hand, screaming madly.

Kai whipped around, his eyes wide with horror. "Mom! Stop!" he cried out desperately.

"DIE!" she yelled, and brought the knife crashing dangerously close to his heart. Kai caught her wrist, fighting of his life. Her eyes wide with mental insanity. Her mouth twitched as she tried to over power her son. Kai kicked her in the stomach, causing her to crumple as the air was forced from her lungs. Without even thinking, he stole the knife from her hand and plunged it deep into her spinal chord.

His mother gasped as he stumbled back with horror at what he had just done. Her body twitched as the nerve signals became interrupted. Mom stared up at him in puzzlement on her face as she shook violently.

"Why?" she whispered before her eyes rolled into her skull and she dropped dead to the floor.

Kai slowly stepped back, his entire body shaking with shock. "No…no.." he moaned, watching a small puddle of blood dribble away from the knife he had stuck into his own mother. He had murdered her…murdered…killed for his own protection.

Kai stumbled as his foot caught on the body of his brother, and Kai snapped. He ran out the door, sliding a little on the blood and rushed out the door with his eyes burning with hundreds of tears.