Angels in the skylight

One year has past,

And I'll always remember

Art class.

Know that your words

Gave me hope,

Helped me cope.

And now all there is,

Is lament for

a broken rope.

So many memories,

And so many things you did

Were so funny.

Like air guitar to pink Floyd

on the tabletops.

You didn't deserve the

hassle you got.

All you tried to do was

Make the misery stop.

I asked you about,

The dead birds above

the misted glass.

You told me, they

Were angels in the


Maybe you're with them

Hiding out of sight.

I give my condolences,

to your family.

Hope they know that,

Before you went,

You helped so many.

And now you're free,

Reaching new heights

Living with the angels

in the skylight.

this is a poem in tribute of the best art teacher I ever had. For someone who changed my and others lives. He's two loves were art and climbing. He died in a climbing accident during the summer of 2005.

He when out of his way to help me when I was being bullied which caused a lot of disrupted lessons.

He was a good teacher to have and a better person to know.

So this is in memory

of Jake Killick

who died doing something he loved

on the 27th of August 2005.

May he rest in peace.