Prologue… Part 1 of 4.
When I close my eyes, I see these uncertain memories… Is that really me? Was I once that boy? I… I feel nothing… That boy is gone.
A memory of a stubborn girl, and her sly companion.

Kai tossed and turned in her warm bed. Her white hair made a crown around her head; her eyes shut tightly against the world as she dreamed:

Kai found herself in a house unlike her own. It was made entirely of rich mahogany and smelled of sweet strawberries. The house was so big, that Kai felt insignificant inside it. It felt as if at any moment, the house would swallow her form and encase her in a dark abyss. She looked around feebly. "Hello?" She called out. "Is… Anyone there…?" No one answered her calls, but she felt a soft finger tap on her shoulder. Kai turned around and saw a funny-looking boy in front of her. He had black hair, that fell slightly into his face, and deep ocean-blue eyes. It wasn't that he-in general-was funny-looking, but rather his clothes were. He wore a red collar shirt that covered the bottom half of his face, spiffy-looking blue jeans, and black and gray shoes.

The young boy smiled politely at Kai, as if they were the bestest friends on the god-forsaken planet. Kai heard two distinct voices behind her and a soft "click". Her vision blurred and swirling darkness engulfed her.

Kai opened her golden eyes and yawned. The sun shone playfully through her white curtains and into her small room. She rubbed her eyes and shrieked at the boy sitting at the edge of her bed.

The boy gave a cheery laugh. Kai's heart guarded warmed. "Hey, hey calm down there cutie." He quickly caught the stuffed pillow Kai had thrown at him.

"Who the hell are you and how'd you get in here?!" Kai yelled.
"Well, cutie, if you must know," The boy said slyly. "I came in through the window, and… The name's Asher Hideo."
"Don't call me that!!" Kai yelled louder.
"Call you what, cutie?"


"Yes! Stop it now! I do have a name you know!!"
"Yeah, I know. It's uh--" Asher looked curiously at his hand. In the middle of his smooth palm-written in red ink-was the word "Kai". "It's uh…" Asher took a moment to decide whether he knew how to pronounce it right. He didn't want to make this girl more angry. "It's Kai. Yeah! That's it." Asher gave Kai a sweet smile. He had done well.

That smile… Kai thought curiously. Why does it look so familiar? Her previous dream flashed before her eyes. Her golden eyes widened. Of course!! She eyed Asher closely. Same eyes, same hair, same stupid looking clothes. Kai pursed her full lips together in a childish pout. It's defiantly that freak.

Asher's smile faded, and Kai got ahead of herself. "Hey!" She exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at him. "You're that kid from my dream!"
"Aw, cutie, you had a dream 'bout meh?" Asher chuckled. "That's so sweet."
"I told you to stop calling me that! A--" Kai stammered for a moment.
"Asher." Asher finished for her. "It's Asher Hideo."

"R-Right… Asher…"

Kai decided to commit that name to memory.

There! The long freakin awaited Istar 2! Kaniin means a member of a clan. Geez. Stop the hate mail!!