Maybe when I'm done with endings, this can finally begin.
Konoashi deals with his demon….

"So, why cant I remember?" Kiba asked, now inside the Medical Room, inside the Council Board's building.
"Cause you simply chose not to." Fujjin laid Sammiie on a stone cold table. He pressed his hands against her, the glowed, but nothing happened.
"What?" Fujjin tried again, but the outcome remained the same. "The wound refuses to heal?" He looked at Kiba. "Kiba, what did you do?"
"I cant make this wound heal. It'll have to heal on its own. What did you do?"
"Keh! You saying this is my fault?!"
"Of course it's your fault, mutt." Shojii rolled his eyes. "You almost killed her."
Kiba looked at the gash in her stomach. "I.. Did…?"

Konoashi tore at the wallpaper on the walls. He tossed pieces of them over his shoulder. He cried out and punched the wall. He kept punching until his knuckles started to bleed.

Damn you Tazuma! He narrowed his eyes as tears started to swell. I hurt Rena because of you! He bit his tongue and started to punch the wall again.

Kiba and Shojii walked out, whilst Fujjin was busy on Rena. Kiba fell on the ground in a lazy heap. He sighed and held his head in his hands.
"Hm?" Shojii looked at him, sitting on the ground. He knelt next to him.
"Shojii…" Kiba shook his head. "I don't know what's going on with me. I can still feel that demon inside me. It's just waiting for me to lose control… And… I cant stop thinking of Tazuma…"
"You'll have to face your demon sooner or later."
"I know, but… I'm scared… What if I hurt more people? What if I hurt one of you?"
"Kiba, I'm not going to lie to you," Shojii put a hand on Kiba's shoulder. "you will hurt more people. But, you have to face it sooner or later. The more you wait, the worse it will be."
"Keh, lotta help you are." Kiba mumbled.
"Would you prefer a lie?" Kiba shook his head and Shojii blew through his teeth. "Then get up, we need to speak with Konoashi."


Konoashi heard a knock on his door. "Go away!" He didn't believe that was his voice, but still, it was the only one he had at the moment. "I don't want to see anyone!"
"Let us in." Shojii demanded.

Konoashi heard the doorknob turn. They were coming in anyway? Oh, they will pay.
"Konoashi," Shojii took a step inside. "We need to talk."
"There's nothing to talk about!" Konoashi threw a punch Shojii's way, but Shojii caught it.
"Woah!!" Kiba stepped into the room and pointed at Konoashi. "What the hell happened?!"

Konoashi's blonde hair had grown to barely touch the tip of his shoulders. It was spiked downward, and his eyes had turned. They were black in the back and a dull yellow in the center.
"You look more emo than Shojii!" Kiba scoffed. "Keh! Freakin' emo shits."

Shojii looked at Kiba. "Emo?" He glared darkly at Kiba.
"Uh…" Kiba boasted his chest out. "Keh! Yeah!"

Konoashi punched Kiba's stomach and Kiba doubled over in pain.
"Keh!" Kiba's voice turned into a mumble.

"Damn emo's gotten stronger…"