Amy – Cute Teddybearacholic

Bell – Fascinated Floracholic

Dija – Excited Biblioholic

Glad – Sensible Shopacholic

Ivy –Tinkering Pinkacholic

Nat – Frenzied Chocaholic

Nat , Ivy , Glad and Bell were at the Park in Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Glad : Wow this Lake is LARGE.

Bell: Uhum… It's soo peaceful and quiet.

Ivy: Yeah. Do you think there are fishes in there?

Nat: Maybe there's an alligator in there

Glad, Bell and Ivy sweat dropped anime style.

The four friends were enjoying the beautiful scenery with occasional outbursts from the everlastingevershoutinghyperactivechocolateaddicted Nat. Everyone was standing very near the lake except Nat who was busily enjoying her mountain of chocolate . Or so we thought…


Nat rammed into Ivy , who was really very close to the lake and made Ivy drop into the lake.

Ivy: Ah! Help ! I'm drowning …

As you can see Ivy is hydrophobic …

Ivy: Help! Help! Help! Help!

Glad: Actually the part of the lake that you're floating above now is not more than 2 ft deep. (in that ever knowing voice of hers)

Bell: Have you even tried standing up ?

Ivy stood up.

Ivy : Oops …… False alarm (She smiled guiltily)

Nat: Now we really have to go to the shopping complex… YAY ! (and I can get more chocolate, she thought to herself)

So they all trudged to the shopping mall. On the side note, Ivy was soaked wet. When they stepped into the shopping mall they were astounded.

Nat: Yay ! (Drags Bell to one of the Famous Amos mini stalls) See ya ! Meet back at 1.30 at central Court.

Bell : (Motions silently to Glad) Two o'clock

Nat left Glad and Ivy alone to fend for themselves in this cruel cruel world. Neah it's not that bad.

Glad: Guess it you and me then

Ivy: Hurry, I'm freezing here

Glad: Lets go to the toilet.

Ivy: Sure

The toilet is spacious and clean. After 15mins of drying , Glad and Ivy proceeded to buy dry clothes for Ivy.

Ivy: OMG ! I just noticed something…

Glad: What?!

Ivy: I BROKE my nail. (sobs)

Glad: No I think you mean you lost your sandals.

Ivy looks at her bare feet.

Ivy: Yeah that too……

Glad the sensible one between the two dragged Ivy to the nearest shoe shop.

Ivy: Uh… Oh… look at that High heels. It looks so incredibly NICE

Glad flipped through the price.

Glad: Ivy, it costs sixty ringgit!

Ivy: Ugh… It's too expensive. Too bad... Let's look for another one.

Ivy pulled Glad towards another aisle.

Glad: what about this? It looks cool

Ivy: Neah , this is nicer and cuter !

Then ,they reached a pair of sandals at the same time. It was the PERFECT sandal.

Ivy: PINK!!!! Now this looks cool, nice and not to mention CUTE !!!

Glad sweat dropped with her mouth agape.

Meanwhile at the chocolate store…

Nat: Hey Bell, how many Hersheys should I buy?

No one answered.

Nat: Bell?

Nat swiveled around to come face to face with a changed Bell. Her eyes were 10 times larger than usual. She was already filling her 3rd bag of chocolate.

Nat: Err Bell? (And I thought I was the Crazy One…)

Bell: I've just… never seen so much chocolate in my whole entire life.

Nat: Oooooo ! Let me help you !

The whole shop was like a chocolate heaven on earth. Nat was being VERY helpful.Bell squealed and dumped her bags of chocolate onto Nat's already full hands

Nat: Whoa, Watch it! There babies don't grow on trees you Know !!

(Note: Chocolate comes from cocoa which comes from cocoa trees. So technically chocolate does grow on trees…)

Unfortunately, Nat's incorrect thesis fell on deaf ears as Bell had already sped our of the shop in a quest to explore the nearby florist shop that must have caught her eyes. Nat was happily picking her choice of chocolate when a …

Jack-in-a-box …


A Bell-in-a-box really popped her head in the doorway.

Bell: Hey Nat… You might want to save some money for lunch.

Nat: I'm already buying lunch.

After spending like for ever digging treasure and gold, Nat came out with RM 50 worth of chocolate for Bell while she got herself RM 200 worth of chocolate . Reason of the far prices : She needed more to survive.

Just next door to all this havoc and chaos . A once-in-a-pink-moon incident happened. Our sympathetic listener went very much over the edge. That might be exaggerating… Urmm how about just a little off the edge can that do?

Amy 'sqee'd . Yes our sane one of all 'sqee'd.

(Note: Squee is a cousin to squeal and is in no circumstance should it be confused with a squeal or else the sqee bee will come and badger you until you get it right.)

Amy: Wow, lots of cute TEDDYBEARS !

Dija : (Stares) That has got to be the first rime you spoke more than 3 words without anyone prompting you. Must tell Glad and the others.

Amy WASN'T , For once, The 'Sympathetic Listener' we have all come to known went bang off to Pluto. Amy disappeared in to the vast plain of teddy bears, where her hand unconsciously picked cute teddy bears. Her glassy eyes still on those magnificent work of art.

Dija: Ookay…

Dija's eyes went round at Amy's purchase. Although Amy had already purchased many teddy bears, her gaze is still transfixed at the teddy bears.

10 minutes had passed…

Amy snapped out of her reverie and remembered that Dija wanted to go somewhere. Other than a teddy bear shop.

After buying sufficient clothing to last them a lifetime, Glad and ivy proceeded to … Kinokuniya, The BEST BOOKSTORE EVER. Where more surprises were in store…

Ivy: OMG ! I can't wait to look for Hilary duff's newest album!... Though, I can't remember exactly what was the name already. But It's definitely upstairs!

Glad: NO ! Daughters of the Moon ,down here, first!

Ivy: Hillary Duff's more popular , so she first !

Glad: Fine … and after that we come down for DOTM !

Ivy: Fine with me . (as they both made their way upstairs in record time)


Dija: AMY ! Look at all these horror books! 'Armpit Hair KILLS', 'Socks-Poison', 'Purple-Peanut-Buttered-Bats'. Wow. Don't you just love them??

Amy:… Aren't the titles a bit weird?

Dija: How about Romance stories then? Try this one

Dija dunked a humongous book onto Amy

Dija: 'P.S. I Love You'.

Amy: (looks at the book)… so thick…

Dija: Okay, Comedy then- Ah, here's a great book!

Amy: Which one? (In hope of a 'readable' book)

Dija : That one – 'Why did the chicken cross the Road?'

(Silence ensued)

(Back to Glad and Ivy)

Glad: In the first place, I don't see how we could have expected to find Hillary Duff's compact disc in a BOOKSTORE (walks down the stairs huffily)

Ivy: Yeah come to think of it, you're right.

Glad: (looks around) Now, where con I find my DOTM books? Oh, wait! That's Amy and Dija right?

Ivy: Yeah, let's meet up with them!

(Glad and Ivy joins the two)

Glad: Hi Guys! Why so silent both of you?

Dija: Er… long story… Got your DOTM yet?

Glad: No… and I don't know how in to world am I going to find them in this labyrinth.

Amy: Use the machine?

Ivy: Where?

Amy: Over there (points to a machine where a cute little kid is crying because she doesn't know how to use the machine and find her Harry Potter books)

Glad: It might help… (For no reason at all , she glanced at her watch) OH WAIT ! we can't. it's already time to meet up with Bell and Nat remember?

Ivy: yeah… I kinda forgot. We're a few minutes late already actually.

Dija: Bell and Nat's here?

Amy : Go go go we're already late.

Glad: Oops…

(All four rush off out of the bookstore)

Dija: Ivy , Glad, why you guys have so many bags with you? Planning to runaway ? All clothes kah?

Amy : Wow …

Ivy and Glad giggled guiltily.

Amy , Ivy, Glad, and Dija scampered to the food court arriving sweaty and out of breath only to find Nat and a jungle of flowers right next to her. Nat looks ready to chow down on her 'nutritious' lunch. Chocolate milk shake, with chocolate glazed banana split and she is still chomping on her store bought chocolates.

Glad : (looks at chocolates with boggling eyes)… where's my share ?

Nat: Hah don't count on me to spare you some. It's my life source you know. (Still munching)

Jungle of Flowers : Don't worry I'm not as bad as her . Sit down la.

Gladys looked at the flowers.

Glad: Did the forest just talked or am I going crazy ? (she whispered loudly)

Jungle of Flowers : Technically … They are all not from the forest so this bouquet of flowers are not to be called a forest a plain or grassland might be more suitable. All of these species of flowers such as this lavender here (a purple coloured flower popped out) are from grassy plains. And It's me la (and Bell stepped out of the gigantic bouquet of flowers )

Glad: Wow…

With that, everyone sat down.

Dija: You should have gone to that Kaynokan… no , what was it called again?? Gah ! Forget about it. The K-Thing.

Ivy: Yeah , it was great.

Nat: You mean the WHOLE place is great and this all wouldn't happen if I didn't push Ivy into the lake right Amy?

Amy : yeah… Kinda… ( smiles)

Dija: Now I know. KLCC is such a fantastic place.

Glad: (sarcastically) Yeah, Right, the Tower of strength that keeps KL in place.

Everyone , except Glad, sweat dropped.

Nat: OF COURSE IT IS ! Look at the amount of chocolate they have !

Everyone looks at Nat with the 'look'

Amy, Bell ,Dija , Ivy and Glad : YOU AND YOUR CHOCOLATES!