Rachel's point-of-view

One Two Three, Cha cha cha…

Two Three, Cha cha cha…

Two Three, Cha cha cha…

I turned to see the employee looking at me funny. What was I expecting to see? I mean I was practicing my Cha Cha in the middle of the store. I stopped and stared stupidly until she smiled.

"Do you need a partner?" She asked, apparently amused.

I could feel myself blushing as I turned and walked out of the store. I walked out of Fairview in a rush, what was I thinking? Dancing in the middle of a winter coat store, it just didn't make sense.

It was the music's fault, I decided. It seemed to be the same music as it was the night before. The same music that I learned to dance to. I will never forget that music, or that night. My first kiss, my first date, my first dance… I can't believe it all ended so fast.


I suppose you want to hear how it started, not how it ended, so I'll start from the beginning.

It was a foggy night, three weeks before the day I practiced my Cha Cha in the coat store. I dreaded that night more than any other day I'd ever lived. The weather seemed to mimic my thoughts as my mother's car pulled up to my new house.

It was smaller than our last house, not to mention a hundred miles away from our last home town. I guess it made sense to move though, too many bad memories of dad ringed through my ears in our last house.

No matter, I would still miss Andrea.

I was exhausted from the plane ride, as well as from the goodbye party.

I hate goodbye parties. They're all so depressing. I mean, I don't want my last memory of all my old friends to be them crying.

So the first thing I wanted to do when I arrived was to sleep. However, before I did so, I took in my surroundings.

The house was small, but cozy I suppose. The first thing I noticed as I walked through the doors was the kitchen, it was tiny. I mean, at least three times smaller than my last one. How am I supposed to cook Christmas dinner in that?!

Trying to ignore the kitchen, I walked up the wooden stairs into the hallway leading to the bedrooms. They creaked under my weight, and I was relieved when I finished climbing them, I hate stairs that creak. It doesn't really help that I'm afraid of heights either.

Four doors with very different designs stared at me. I could guess which one was the bathroom (it was opened only slightly), but which bedroom was mine, I had no idea. I tried my luck and opened the only wooden door. My jaw dropped as I did so.

The biggest room I had ever seen was behind the door. The window opened to a patio that had the most beautiful view I had ever seen. The walk-in closet seemed to go on forever and could definitely take my love of shopping, and maybe even more. The walls were hot pink with black here and there. It was amazing, breath-taking and… I wanted that room, so much.

"Like it?" My mother's voice startled me and I jumped out of my trance. She smiled, "I thought you deserved it, since you were the only one that didn't want to move."

I gaped at her… "Really?" I asked.

"Would you like me to reconsider?" She said. Laughter was in her gray eyes.

I smiled back, "You know what? I think I'll take it, I mean, it sucks that it's the last room, but if I have too…"

At this point she was laughing. I love it when my mom laughs, it's like… there's not a care in the world.

As she walked out to find my 5-year-old brother who was exploring the house, I rolled out my sleeping bag. The moving van would be coming tomorrow with all our stuff, so I had no choice but to sleep on the floor for one night.

I smiled. Maybe this new city and new house wouldn't be that bad, I thought.


I felt like crap when I woke up the next day, maybe even worse. I couldn't sleep. That always happens to me when I try to sleep somewhere other than I usually sleep, man.

My hair was a mess as I walked downstairs. I almost tripped on the creaking stairs, yikes, that'll take some getting used to. I walked into the bathroom nearest the kitchen and yawned at my reflection. Do I always look so bad in the morning?

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Pancakes should be good. Taking out the milk and eggs, which my mom had bought the night before, I closed the fridge.

I turned around and (not so gracefully) bumped into someone. I dropped the eggs and the milk. Milk was everywhere, and I was sure none of the eggs made it unbroken.

"Great! Just great! How am I supposed to make pancakes n----" I looked up from the floor and stopped rambling.

He was still looking down at the floor when I suddenly stopped talking. "I am so sorry," he said, looking really sad. I'm sure he felt very stupid. "Let me help you pick that up."

I was still staring at him. Oh, my gosh this guy was gorgeous. Why didn't I take a shower and put on makeup before I went downstairs?

Because you always eat breakfast first, dumb-wit. Shut up, I told myself, If I'm a dumb-wit, so are you. No, not really, if we can have an argument, then we're obviously two different beings. What? Are you calling me a schizophrenic? No, I'm calling us a schizophrenic. Shut up.

It was his eyes that I noticed first. They were blue, green and gray. It was literally all three. They were amazing. He was wearing a band t-shirt that said "The Morning Of". I suppose that's a band name, one that I've never heard of though. He's arms were ones that I wanted to hold me; they looked strong, but naturally. He did not look as though he went to the gym. His legs were totally covered with black pants, and his checkered converse poked out. His hair was a dark brown, and it looked like it was perfectly in place, without any gel. Gosh, this guy looked awesome.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as he started picking up egg shells. "That's okay," I told him quickly, "I've got it covered."

"No, it's my fault. I was too busy looking out of the window…" He suddenly looked at me. "Your mom said she would only be a minute, so I went into the kitchen. This kitchen brings back so many memories."

I smiled, "Hopefully good ones, no one died in this house, right?"

He smiled and I almost swooned, he had an amazing smile. "Yeah, only good ones, my best friend lived in this house. We used to be really close."

"'used to be'" I repeated "What happened to your friendship?"

"Well I—" He was cut off by my mom who walked in with a vase full of flowers. "Thank you so much for the flowers, Matt… Oh! What happened here?"

Matt smiled that perfect smile again and answered "I bumped into your daughter here, who happened to be holding the milk and eggs"

I blushed. "Well, I bumped into him." I retorted. He smiled at me for a second and I couldn't help but smile back.

My mom seemed to understand that I had a crush on him; she was always the first to know. "Oh, well, it seems that you've met my daughter Rachel, Matt. She's an awesome cook, probably going to make pancakes, right Rach?"

I looked at my mom trying to suppress my anger, who cares if I can cook? Obviously not him. "Yeah, blueberry pancakes. If we still have an egg or two and some milk left, I can make some… want one?"

He smiled, "Sure, I love pancakes," He said, "Especially blueberry ones!"


Matt's point-of-view

I knew it was going to be a bad day from the moment I woke up. Maybe it was because I woke up at 4 am, or maybe it was just 'cause it really was going to be a bad day, I'm not sure.

I sat in bed for what seemed like hours, my eyes opened, my head still half asleep. When I looked back at my alarm clock, the numbers 4:02 screamed at me.

It must be broken or something. I got up, put on my clothes (The Morning Of t-shirt that I've always loved) and decided to go for a walk. It always clears my head after a bad-night's sleep.

I closed the front door and walked down the driveway. There was a new car in the driveway, one that I've never seen before. Suddenly, I wanted to cry. Why did Mark have to move? He was my best friend since, since I can't even remember.

I quickly walked past the house that brought back so many awesome memories. I put my hands into my Coheed and Cambria hoodie and let the memories sink in.

Mark was a great person, but got into the wrong crowd. He was caught with drugs on the last day of school last year. That was why he moved, his parents were sending him to boarding school and following their dream of moving to Australia. I always knew they were horrible parents.

I smiled as I felt the breeze on my face. I'm so glad I never got into drugs, not only would my parents kill me, I would think of myself as stupid. Life is too short to throw it away like that; I'd rather live it while I can… without having to go into rehab.

I walked around the nearby park, thinking about school. Oh how I loathe school. It starts in only a week. Not even, five days. I really didn't want to see Krista again, that girl was obsessed. Even though I've said no to her face twice, she still doesn't get it. I like her as a friend, well at least I used to. Why did she have to go ruin it by admitting her "love" for me?

Trying to push thoughts of Krista away, I turned around and started walking back home. I took my green and blue ipod out of my pocket and turn it on. Hmm, it was already 5 am, that's good.

What to listen to? I looked through my hundreds of songs until one screamed out at me; The Fever by The Academy Is…

When the summer is gone, it won't be long 'til someone's got the fever creeping inside…

I think I already have it. I thought, How am I supposed to live at school without Mark?

I sighed and walked up my driveway; maybe I should try and go back to bed.


I was awoken four hours later by my mom knocking on my bedroom door.

"Matt?! You awake yet?" She called through the creak in the door.

I groaned and stood, "yup," I said with forced enthusiasm. "I'm awake, and gasp, even dressed!"

She smiled, "Well, you better be, it's 9:05 already, and seeing how in a week you'll have to get up at 7… well, we have to get ready."

I looked at her in a stern manner, "Mom, don't remind me about school."

She looked at me and laughed, "Oh, still worried about Krista?"

"Yeah, actually I am, she's a psycho, mom. What does she not understand about 'no'?"

She laughed hysterically at that. Figures my mom wouldn't take me seriously, I mean she's met Krista and said she was cute, cute. Krista isn't cute, she's just… insane.

I stared at her with a "this isn't in any way funny look" until she stopped laughing. "Anyway," She said, "The new neighbors have arrived—"

"Yeah, I noticed."

She shot me a "do not interrupt your mother" look and continued. "The new neighbors have arrived and I want you to bring them the lilacs I bought yesterday."

"You bought them flowers? Mom, isn't that a bit cheesy? What if they're all guys?"

"Come on, Matt, there are pink fuzzy dice on the rear-view mirror in their car, of course they're not all guys."

"What if one of them is gay then? I mean they could still be all guys." Okay, so I was trying to be funny, sue me.

"Then one of them will like the flowers," she said laughing, "They're in the kitchen, could you bring them over?"

I smiled at her "Fine, I was going to introduce myself to them eventually anyway." Which was technically a lie, but so what if I was lying? "But why couldn't you have gotten chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate! I'm going to look like a stalker or something."

She laughed at me and said "Well, if I had gotten chocolate, then half of it would've been gone by the time you get next door."

I laughed and started walking to the kitchen. I took off my Coheed and Cambria sweater and put it on a chair.

I eyed the flowers on the counter, maybe I'll get these for mom for mother's day, they're nice, and they must be her favorite's right? Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to forget by the time Mother's day comes around anyway. I picked them up and started walking to the door.

What were they called again? I asked myself as I walked up the neighbor's steps. Oh yeah, Lilacs… I think…I rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for someone to open the door. I'm horrible at being patient. It's nine in the morning, its not like they're asleep! What's taking them so long?!?!

Finally someone opened the door. I smiled and introduced myself. "I'm Matt from next door; my mom thought it would be nice if I brought you some flowers. She told me what they were called but I forgot" ouch, nice one Matt, now she probably thinks you're an idiot.

The woman looked at me and smiled. She was around forty, but looked good for her age. "Thank you, Matt. They're lilacs, my favorite actually." Mental note; buy lilacs for neighbor's birthday. I bet I'm going to forget by tomorrow. She put out a hand for me to shake, and I did just that. "I'm Sharon. Come on in. You can wait in the kitchen, I'm sorry we don't have any furniture in here yet, the moving van is supposed to arrive today. There is a table and chairs in the kitchen though."

I smiled back at her "Thank you, it was very nice to meet you. I know where the kitchen is, by the way."

"Good, because I don't really know myself," She said, amused.

She walked off as I made my way into the kitchen. Ah, yes, the kitchen. It used to be Mark and my favorite place to just hang out. We would make smoothies, with whatever was in the fridge. Sometimes random things like ketchup and yogurt and then dare each other to eat it. I remember throwing up all the time when we were twelve, when drugs didn't rule Mark's world.

I walked into the kitchen, my mind in another world. Suddenly I bumped into someone. There was a crash and eggs and milk were on the floor. CRAP, crap crap crap!!! I told you this was going to be a bad day… Why did I just get milk and eggs all over the new neighbor's kitchen floor, I'm such an IDIOT!

"Great! Just great! How am I supposed to make pancakes n---" Oh man, It was a girl's voice, what have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I'm so stupid.

"I'm so sorry." I said, trying to ignore her gaze. "Let me pick that up." I went to the floor and picked up the milk carton, thankfully I grabbed it before all of it went on the floor. There was still some left. The eggs weren't that lucky, however. I think only two of them survived. Once again, I'm an idiot. They will name me Mr. Stupid.

"That's okay," I heard her say; "I got it covered."

"No, it's my fault. I was too busy looking out of the window…" I looked up and tried not to laugh at her get-up, nice princess pajamas. I thought, but she isn't too bad looking. Her eyes are beautiful. Her hair was a mess; she had obviously just gotten out of bed. But that didn't matter, her face told it all, she was a nice, thoughtful and beautiful person, inside and out. Hey, what can I say? I'm good at reading people. "Your mom said she would only be a minute, so I went into the kitchen. This kitchen brings back so many memories."

She smiled at me. Beautiful smile too, "Hopefully good ones, no one died in this house, right?"

I smiled back at her, "Yeah, only good ones, my best friend lived in this house. We used to be really close."

"'used to be'" She repeated. Crap, she caught me. This girl was smart; most people wouldn't have caught that. "What happened to your friendship?"

"Well I---" I was about to finished with a "I don't hang out with people who get high"…

When Sharon entered the room with the vase full of lilacs. Hey, I remembered their name! "Thank you so much for the flowers, Matt… Oh! What happened here?"

I smiled up at Sharon and said "I bumped into your daughter here, who happened to be holding the milk and eggs"

The girl looked up at her and quickly retorted "Well, I bumped into him." She answered my smile with one of her own, I liked this girl already. She doesn't blame people for anything, even if it was my fault.

Sharon smiled back at both of us, who were still on the floor, even if we have cleaned up the rest of the mess. "Oh, well, it seems that you've met my daughter Rachel, Matt. She's an awesome cook, probably going to make pancakes, right Rach?"

Rachel glared at her mother, I wondered why. It's cool that she can cook. I can't cook for my life; I've burnt everything from grilled cheese to water (It turned out to be sugar water, but still.). "Yeah, blueberry pancakes. If we still have an egg or two and some milk left, I can make some… want one?"

I was surprised but happy by her question. This girl knew me for 5 seconds and wanted to make me pancakes? She must be a good cook. I smiled, to tell you the truth, I love blueberry pancakes. "I love pancakes," I said, "Especially blueberry ones!"