Did you see my neighbor?

The one who looks like me?

I wanted to talk with him today,

About diplomacy.

"But he's a mean 'ol fellow.

How can you not see that?

At night he took a hunting knife,

And cut open your cat."

My cat you say? It's not a bother,

I can't stay mad at my friend.

He is my neighbor, he is my brother,

Don't you see the trend?

"But now he has a gun,

And he has come for us!

They've murdered scores, and now it's ours!

There's no one left to trust."

Relax my friend, I still defend

The man who looks like me.

In God we're one, father and son.

Twas' in the homily.

"You are a fool to trust this man,

Who lives so close to home.

I leave tonight, so wish me luck,

Wherever I may roam."

Then I'll remain within my house,

Wishing that you would come see.

A blood red Muslim to you perhaps,

But a neighbor who looks like me.

-Ryan A. Blank