Potential Spoiler for ' A Different Voice to Follow'.

Just Another Way of Feeling

She lifted her chin slowly, to give him access to the entire side of her neck. Feeling his lips there was a sort of bliss she'd forgotten could still exist in this rotten world. She felt at ease though right now, like it was all alright, even if only for those moments.

"And here I'd thought you'd forgotten about me." Said the calm male voice, his tone and manner were ones that she could never just forget. Though sometimes she thought it might have been easier.

"I don't know if that's something I could ever do." She paused and looked ahead to the rain against the misty road ahead, "Even if I tried."

He chuckled softly from his throat and kissed her neck equally as softly, "And here I thought you were flattering me."

"Am I supposed to?"

He treated the question as though it'd never been voiced, So much so, when he spoke, she too questioned if she had only thought it. "What's my name?"

"What….?" She asked and arched a brow, lifting up a hand and setting it on the back of his neck, fingers weaving into his short locks of hair that stuck out habitually. Doing so to ensure herself he was really there.

"You said you'd never forget, so what's my name?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head lightly, "You're being silly." She knew his name, she knew it so well, and the very word brought so many emotions to her. Ones that used to be essential, but that in itself brought sorrow to her. It reminded all her of many things she had come to regret, but that was not what she wanted his name to mean to her. Not at all… "It's…" She opened her eyes slowly, tongue catching on nothingness. "It's." She couldn't voice it.

"See… you've forgotten."

"I haven't, I swear!" She said urgently.

She tried to look back to him, a guilty expression in her eyes, but his arms wrapped over her shoulders, and he held her securely. She didn't see his face but his words were just as good. "It's alright."

She leaned back into him, paying no heed to the darkening atmosphere around them, just to their interaction. "Sorry…"

They sat together silently for a while, Kat feeling content to be there, smiling softly, sincerely as he pressed up against her back slightly more, one hand shifting over to her shoulder. She winced and tensed up her shoulders, "What's wrong…? Does that hurt?"

She nodded slowly, "There's always something." She murmured out in a solemn voice and lowered her chin and gazed downward.

He softened up his touch and whispered into her ear. "Pain's… just another way of feeling."

Kat opened her eyes quickly, though it took a while for her to focus on her bedroom's ceiling. There was a flash from the lightning outside and a soft but consistent pitter-pattering of the rain against her window. She lifted up a hand to lie down across her chest. There was no hand there, his warm touch was gone. Instead she just found the tender scab of a shallow gash there. Her eyelids lowered soberly and she turned her head to the side, looking to the empty space of her bed. "… Daemion."

She breathed out deeply and sat up, hazel eyes finding the phone. Just staring at it for a while, before she pulled herself over through the sheets and picked it up. Dialing the number flawlessly from memory, though hesitating when she came to the last number. The action was easy, but the result was what she wondered about. She pressed it heavily and lifted the thing to her ear.

It was ringing, and it kept doing so for a while.

"Hello?" The voice spoke from the receiver. His voice was always the same, this time just groggy from the time of night. He must have been sleeping. "Hello?" He repeated.

She remained silent.

"Ugh…" He sounded out his agitation, "Hello? Do you know it's practically 3? Y'know, a.m.!"

She looked down to her feet that hung off the edge of the bed, and rubbed one with the other.

"If you're not going to stop doing this, at least do it during the day for bleeding sake." He was silent for a short moment, and then his calmer tone returned, "Why do you phone, only to not talk? You know, I'm getting pretty good at having a conversation with myself."

Kat almost grinned and breathed out a little heavier in a silent snigger. He seemed to take a moment to listen to that. It was odd that he never seemed to hang up right away, unless he got particularly frustrated, but maybe to wait just in case he might get some sort of sound. Kat's lip parted slightly, and she was so close to a word.

A voice in the background sounded out and Kat bit her lip. 'Daemion, who is it?' He paused, "Go back to bed…"

Kat sighed softly, and lowered the phone from her ear, looking to it for a brief moment before she pressed the 'talk' button, which ironically enough brought the 'talking' to an end. She set the phone back down and pulled herself back under the sheets. Listening to the rain, trying not to think, but it was inevitable. But she lied there until she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.

Maybe next time.