A Tale of Two Times

By alin2

Summary: Cammie is your normal, slightly insane teen. That is, until she gets this whacked out dream that transports her to a different time… and the Crown Prince of Whatever (she can't pronounce the name) decides to fall in love with her. Uh oh?

The plot, title, and characters are all owned by alin2 (d'oy, otherwise it wouldn't by my story) and are figments of her overactive imagination. All occurrences in this story was thought up by alin2 and any resemblance, by the characters or the events, to real life, is completely coincidental. © 2006 by alin2, yada, yada, yada.

This story is not historically accurate (at all!) and is fiction (d'oy?). Be forewarned of cursing and ever-changing ratings.