The Blue Mist Chronicles: Reflections of Mist(Chaos)

Chapter 1: Five years ago.


"Hello....My name is Ginryu......There is a talk in this land of an Angel and Dragon from lands afar"

The man walked through the small desert town, he had shoulder long silver and send colored hair.

"They fight a God of lightning......until one day......" Ginryu stopped and turned to his friend.

"Let us rest and I'll tell you the tale.......but before i can tell you that tale....I must start back......five years ago.....when the Angel had first battled the God" Ginryu and his friend walked into a bar and took a seat.

"On top the God's metal tower.......their was a battle.....The Angel had his Light and the God his Lightning.......but in the wasn't ended with their power...but by their swords......."

"Who Won"

"..........................................Who said that the battle was over"

- Five Years Ago-

"Shit.......if this is the robot.....then that means" Russ quickly looked up, he saw dust flying from the top.

"What's that" Aires said.

Russ soon felt something was wrong, "Damn!" Masses flaming dragon wings shot out of Russ' back and he took off for the top of the tower.

- At the Top -

Chino's body lay there.

Chino's body soon shot up and grabbed the handed of the sword, "Ahhhhh!" Chino pulled the sword free from his shoulder, "Damn......that fucking hurt" Chino took a minute before getting up.

"That was to did he get so powerful" Chino through down the sword.

Russ landed on the Top of the tower, "Chino you ok" Russ then saw the blood.

"He got away........that son of a bitch got away" Russ walked over to Chino and looked at Chino's shoulder.

"So how did the battle with Snow Dragon go?" Chino said as he walked over to the edge of the tower.

"Ok......she left with Kenno"


"Seems like they were lovers at one time"

"Oh......and the fight with robot Dom"

"Wait you know he was the robot"

"yeah.......i found it out before i got hit....i also hit him but it was on his arm...i saw the blood"

"Well.....Aires really took him out but i cut the top of his head off"

"Cool.........hey Russ"

"Yeah Chiny"

"What is.........wait...did you call me Chiny"



"I don't just came to mind"

"....." Chino just looked at Russ then looked down, "Anyways what is that thing out there"

Russ looked out into the sly and saw a missile coming at them.

"It looks like a missile"

"oh ok....i thought so"

Chino and Russ both started to walk to the stairs, then stop, "Shit", they both quickly turned around.

" are we going to stop that"

"Donno..........blast it"

"........that wouldn't work" Chino tried to think but nothing was coming to mind.

"Out of the way" said in unknown voice.

Chino and Russ looked around for the person that the voice came from but there was no one.

"Chino look at that" Russ pointed to a line of flashing dots that end about mid-point of the tower and the missile.

That was a teenager with black hair, "Who's that" Russ asked.

The blacked hair teen held out his hand and a masses sword came out of no where, the teen grabbed the handle.

Green and black lightning started to cover the sword, "blade" said the teen, he then swung the sword and a green disk shot out and a cut the war head off.

The teen grabbed the war head and through it very high into the air before it went off.

Chino and Russ both blocked their faces with their arms as a light flash.

"Holy shit.......who is this guy"

"i'm not sure.......but i hope he's on our side"

"That is hoping for to much" Said the Teen, who was now looking at Russ and Chino.

"Who are you" Chino yelled moving his arms away from his face.

"Zero.......I will end the lives of those who tried to kill me"

"What are you talking about" Russ said before getting knocked down by Zero, who had hit him before he could react.

Chino through a punch but Zero blocked it with the side of his sword, "Try Better"

Chino drew his sword and attack Zero with it.

"Shit" Russ said has he got up, Zero had just knock Chino back.

Zero jumped into the air, "Watch My power" Zero aimed his hands at the top of the tower has a green ball formed in his hands.

Zero shot the ball and Chino and Russ both jumped out of the way has it hit the top of the tower.

The explosion from the blast blow off the top of the tower.

Chino had gone into his angel form and Russ had his dragon wings out.

"Ok.....this dude is going down"

Zero flew at the two, Chino slashed his sword at Zero, who blocked it and kicked Chino down into the tower.

Russ flapped his masses flaming wings and swung his sword at Zero, sending three waves of fire at him.

Zero blocked the fiery waves with his sword but Russ came up behind them and kicked Zero down into the tower.

Zero fell a ways before he leveled himself out.

Zero looked down and saw that Chino was coming at him, he looked up and saw that Russ was also coming at him.

Zero waited until that both were close, both ready to attack.

"Fools..." Zero had a spin with his sword out and hit both Chino and Russ.

Russ grabbed at his face, coving his left cheek.

Russ moved his hand, he had a crescent shaped wound under his left eye, it was bleeding.

Chino looked at Zero, who was flying at Russ, "Hey Zero" Zero turned around.

"Light Arrow!" Chino wanted to end this now, he was still bleeding form his shoulder and was in pain.

The arrow shot through the air, Zero quickly through his sword at the arrow.

The arrow and sword hit, making a small explosion.

"Damn" Chino said.

Zero shot through the cloud and was about to hit but then stop, " aren't the ones...ok" Zero grabbed his sword as it fell next to him, "Until we meet again....Chino and Russ" green and black lightning coved Zero's body and with a flash....he was gone.

Russ flew next to Chino, "What was all that about"

"I'm not this day sucks ass"

- a few minutes later -

"Chino!" yelled Samantha as she ran over to him and hugged him, "You're alive"

"What you didn't think I could beat him"

Samantha looked Chino in the eyes, "So you beat him!"

" but I came close....he got away"

"Oh.....Chino your bleed!" Samantha looked down and saw that Chino had a wound on his left shoulder.

"It'll be ok....I help fast"

"Well still we'll need to get you to a doctor"

"Ok" Chino looked away from Samantha, who was still looking at his shoulder and saw Aires looking at him, "Hey Aires" Chino waved at her and she smiled and ran over to him, "Chino.....are you mad at me"

Chino smiled, "I'm not mad.....I'm just glad your back"

Aires smiled again then ran over to Russ and hugged his leg, "Hey Uncle Russ"

"What did I tell you about that...I'm not your uncle!"

"Ok big brother Russ"

Russ smiled then quickly turned his head.

There was a man standing there and a helicopter about twenty feet away.

"Hello Kia...."

"Hello Mr. Eczaybier....and Mr. Star" Kia said

Chino looked at this man, "Who are you..."

"My name is Kia.....I work for the government....I'll be needing you all to come with me"

" do we really know you work for the government and not Lord"


"Because I for the government" a man said has he walked past Kia.

"Sir what are you doing"

"What I should have done long ago"

"Who are you" Russ said as he looked the gray and silver haired man in the eyes.

"......My name is Gragroio....Eczaybier" Russ eyes widen.

"That can't father is dead"

"No......I'm very alive.....the mission I was on got to out of hand.....the government had to hind me"

" can't be....they had a body"

"It was a fake....made to look like me"


"She didn't one could know that I was alive"

"She......she died on the plane....we we're going to see if it was really you or not......because of you she is dead" Russ are at Gragroio, his hands on fire, Russ through a punch but Gragroio grabbed it with his hand, Gragroio hand was also on fire, the fire was a sand color.

Russ looked Gragroio in the eyes, he had the same crimson color eyes, they were lighter then Russ.

"I'm sorry" Gragroio let go of Russ' hand.

"We all need to talk......if you all wish to help us with Lord then please come with us" Gragroio walked back to the helicopter.

Chino walked over to Russ, " he really your father"

"I don't know......but I plan on finding out"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

"Soon they where all on their way to the base.......They would live their for a year, doing missions and trying to live a normal life the best they and Sakurako both grew closer to their father......but they weren't the only ones growing closer.....There were others with powers their also....many were the same age as them.....soon the Golden Angel wasn't close with his angel.....he found love in a new angel.....This angel had be there from the beginning...She turn him into the Angel that he is today........The Angel of Lightning was this girl.....but soon dark force would interfere with this blossoming love.........Things would then turn dark for everyone"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------

- Five Mouths Later -

"Russ!" Saria yelled has she ran up and hugged him, Russ and Chino were gone on a mission to China, they were gone for more then a mouth.

"Hey is everything" Russ said hugging Saria back and kissing her forehead.

"It's ok.......Haile is.....I tried to talk her out of it"

"Out of What?"

"Hey's it going" Chino said walking to his friend.

"It's going.....hey Haile is waiting for you in her room"

"Thanks.....See you at dinner" Chino said then took off for his girlfriend's room.

Chino walked down the hallway, it had metal walls and doors.

Chino got to the end of the hall and walked through the doorway, it led into a room felled with people, this place is were people would normally be at, everyone called it 'The People's Place' this and the dinner hall was were everyone could be found.

Chino walked passed the people, he saw many faces that he knew, Mike, who was with his girlfriend, Neko and Aires were playing at the park and Hyro was watching over them.

Chino finally made it to the elevator, he walked in and pushed 'B7', B7 was the bedrooms.

Chino waited as the elevator was moving down, he started to whistle.

ding 'B7, Living quarters' said the female voice of the elevator.

Chino walked out and made his way to Haile's Room, He turned down his hallway and saw Haile standing there, "Hey Baby"Chino kissed Haile on the cheek.

"Hey....Chino.....hey we need to talk"

"Ok......lets talk in my room....I need to put this stuff of mine away" Chino grabbed Haile's hand and walked over to his door, Chino pulled out the key and unlocked the door.

The room was dark red with black trim, he had a king sized bed, a dresser, desk with a laptop on it, a few chairs and a tv, there was also a small bathroom with a shower.

Chino hung up his coal colored coat and took off his metal plated boots and put on his shoes.

"So.....what did you want to talk about" Chino looked at Haile.

"......Chino......It's over"

"What's over?"

"....We are....Chino....I'm braking up with you"

Chino didn't say anything.

"Chino.....I still love you and I always's just....I met someone"

"Who is it" Chino held his head low.

"....I think it's better if I don't say"

".....That's fine......"


"..Go" Chino didn't move, he kept his head low, his hair blocked most of his face.

Chino heard the door open and close.

Chino just set there, letting the tears roll off his cheeks.

Chino quickly got up and punched the wall, the whole room shuck, and most likely the rooms next to his as well.

"DAMN!" Chino sat down on the floor, his hands covering his face.

Chino heard the door open, believing it was Haile, Chino looked up and saw Samantha.

"Chino are you ok" Samantha quickly moved to his side and looked at his hand, it was bleeding.

"Oh my did this this why the whole hallway was shaking.

Chino didn't speak, he just nodded.

"Why in the world would you do that..." Samantha then saw that Chino had tears running down his cheeks.

"......Haile broke up with me"

Samantha was shocked to hear this, "Why"

"She said that she had met someone.....she wouldn't tell me....I guess she didn't want me to go and beat the dude up"

Samantha wrapped her arms around Chino, holding him.

Chino was a bit shocked by this but soon he found that he had also wrapped his arms around her.

Samantha soon pulled back and looked Chino in his sky blue eyes.


----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Gragroio was standing in his new office, it was just like his old one but it had a new picture, one of him and his children.

Kia walked in, "Hello did the mission go?"

"It was good.....not the best mission I've ever been on...but since they don't know a lot about the miliary or how to work in a was the best I was going to get out off them"

"May I ask what went wrong"

"Well nothing really went wrong....they all had a plan but couldn't pick one as a team"

"So they really weren't a good team and Chino made a great team, they knew what the other was going to do with was like they were one person" Gragroio said sitting down in his chair.

"Well Sir.....they have trained together since they we're little.....they both know how the other thinks and how they's like they are always in unison with one another"

--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------

"'s here" Said a female voice, her and the other unknown person where standing on a cliff, the cliff overlooked a masses rainforest.

"Yes.....the miliary base is here.....somewhere in this rainforest"

"I will take sometime before we can attack....we must first find the base"

"That is fine.....I will report back to Dr. Rekosuk"

"That is safe....Sin"

Sin walked away from the women, "I will Sakura".

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

- At an Island -

Kenno quickly shot up, "Something is wrong".

Snow Dragon was lying down next to him, "What's up"

Kenno closed his eyes, "......Pack your bags....We're going on a trip"

"Where are we going"

".....a Rainforest"

----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

- Back at the Base -

"Chino....I love you" Samantha didn't move.

Chino continued to look Samantha in her eyes, ".....Samantha"

"....Chino...I'm sorry-" Chino cut Samantha off with a kiss.

They broke apart, Chino put his hand on Samantha's cheek, "......."

They didn't speak.....They didn't need to, The bond they had together, the bond that had almost been broken last summer, they now acted on this bond as their lips once again touched.

End of Chapter 1.