The Blue Mist Chronicles: Reflections of Mist.

Chapter 31: The Omega Project.

The Year: 1632
"Oh my god!" A man yelled out, "Help! She was hit!" a young teenage girl had been struck by a drunk driver.
A crowd had formed around the poor girl's dead body, two men stood next to one another, overlooking the girl, "We could use her....." the man said as he ran his fingers through his short brown, graying hair, his glasses had a black trim to them.
The other man had shoulder long blond hair, pulled back, his green eyes looked at his friend from the corner of his vision, "Are you sure Birkin?" he sounded unsure about doing this, "...can't we just use someone from the city morgue" Birkin shook his head, "I'm sorry William but we have to use a fresh dead's the only true way to find out if it will work or not" Birkin said as he pulled out his cell, "General.....we found a body" William watched as Birkin walked away, he turned his head back and looked at the young girl, "....I'm sorry" William closed his eyes and walked away, "For what we are about to do".

- - - Later That Day - - -
William and Birkin were standing in front of a glass door, they had their laboratory coats on, both seemed a little nervous, "Here comes the General...." Birkin said as the General walked up, "It's good to finally meet with you, I am U.N. General Gregroio Eczaybier, can I please have your names again" Gregroio said kindly.
Birkin smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Doctor Birkin Rekosuki" Gregroio shook Birkin's hand and turned towards William, "...I am Doctor William Ashford" They also shook hands.
Gregroio smiled, "Now boys.....I understand that you two are the leaders in the fields of advanced robotic-humanoid cloning and have been leading an almost none stop, two decades of research into the field of non-robotic perfect human cloning" Gregroio said as the glass door opened and the three of them walked inside of the room, three guards stood outside, one holding a case.
Gregroio looked around the laboratory, all types of medical machines where against the wall but what really grabbed his attention was a teenage girl, she had brown hair and green eyes, "hmm...she was pretty".
Birkin smiled, "Yes....she was" Birkin looked over one of the machines, "What we have learned during our decades of research is that is it impossible to truly clone a human, we can at best, make another human that perfectly looks like the first person without the use of robotics but-" William continued, "-We can't clone the soul" Birkin shot a glare towards William, "...Doctor Ashford is, in a sense right, I wouldn't call it a soul" Birkin walked over towards Gregroio, "Outside factors are to blame, when trying to recreate the same life for a clone, it's impossible, too many little factors come into play" Birkin finished, Gregroio looked confused, "Then why Doctor Rekosuki, am I here?"
Birkin took a deep breath, "During our research, we were give a very, very small samples of what was only labeled as 'Prototype BMM - #93746', we first thought it was wrongly sent to us but being scientists, we went ahead and tried it out with some other samples of our own and what we found out was breath taking" Birkin walked over to the counter and picked up some papers, handing them to Gregroio, "With the sample, we were able to clone a human without the robotics but those clones weren't truly clones of the humans, they were more like twins, they had their own lives and thoughts" Birkin then pointed towards William, "But if it wasn't William's-" William cut off Birkin, "My family life isn't about this, Using the sample, we were able to bring a very young girl back from the dead" Gregroio looked shocked, "How is that possible?" He seemed shaken by this.
William looked over the teenager laying on the table, they had left her eyes open "...That sample....When fused with dead cells within the body, it revives them but leaves that person within a coma, one in which we haven't been able to awaken her form" Gregroio looked at William questionably, "....and what about if the person is alive?".
Birkin pointed towards the girl, "That is what this girl is for, she died this morning, but we still have time before all of her cells have died away" Birkin smiled, if this worked, he could finally claim his goal.
Gregroio looked between Birkin, William and the girl, "....Is that why you requested more of this...Omega project" Gregroio walked away from the two, placing his right hand on the glass door.
Birkin pushed his glasses up on his face, "Yes....we believe that with more of it, we will be able to bring her and countless others back" There was silence for a few minutes.
Gregroio nodded his head, "Bring it in" he told one of the guards through the door.
The glass door opened and the guard holding the case walked in, "Please, give it to Doctor Rekosuki" Gregroio ordered, the guard handed the case over and then left the room.
Gregroio turned around and faced the two, "As General of The United Nations, I am here to inform you two of rules and laws of using 'Prototype BMM', by combining it with anything, living or not, the subjects, here by fall under ownership and law of the United Nations and failure to follow this, is death" Gregroio took a deep breath, "At any given time, We can, with reason or not, come and take anything doing with, or related to 'Prototype BMM', failure to follow this, is again death" Gregroio pulled out some paperwork, "I need you both to sign this, it states that you are NOT to speak about anything involving 'Prototype BMM' or any projects relating to 'Prototype BMM'" Birkin and William both started filling out the paperwork, "Also, it is forbidden to run tests of any type on the 'Prototype BMM', failure to follow this rule is death to you and your family" William looked up a little shocked as he handed back the paperwork, " was nice to meet both of you, I will be keeping a close eye on this project...." Gregroio turned towards the door and started to walk away, "And both of you".
Birkin smiled as he held the case in his hands, "It's time" William nodded his head.

- - - Hours Later - - -
William was overlooking the girl, nothing had happened after they combined some of the Omega Project with the girl, "....Maybe we were wrong....." Birkin shook his head, "No....all signs of our research tells us that this will work" William shook his head, it was early in the morning, "Maybe we did something-" Suddenly, everything changed.
"William!" Birkin yelled out, William looked up through the glass and saw flames where raising from the girls hands and feet, "This is something new.....the report we got on this girl said her power was of fire" Birkin smiled and quickly took down notes, as did William, "What do you think this means" suddenly the flames turned from a dark gold to an almost pure white, her body started jerking around wildly, her hair and eyes started to turn the same white color as the girl let out a loud yell, before falling back on the table.
Birkin and William both stood in disbelief, Birkin looked over and checked one of the scenes, "She...she's alive" Birkin was shaking, "We did it William...."

- - - Days Later - - -
William walked into a bedroom, the teenage girl was laying in the bed, she was eating some soft foods, "Hello, I am Doctor William Ashford" William walked over to the bed, the girl looked up at him and smiled, "Hello Doctor...." the girl seemed worried about something, "Can you tell me what year it is" the girl nodded slowly then shook her head, "I thought I knew...." William nodded, writing that done, "what about your name" William had her file on hand, her name had once been Lily Stoneson, "I don't remember my name.....i don't remember anything" William looked up at her, "Nothing?".
She nodded, "I'll I do remember is when I woke up here and...." she looked down, "what was it?" William walked closer, he was starting to doubt their work, "I was weird....i felt like I was being born.....there was nothing but darkness then suddenly" she looked confused, "a blue light, it was like a tunnel and then...i was here" William looked at the young girl, " you don't have a name" the girl nodded, she looked like she was about to cry.
William then knew what risks there was with using the Omega Project, they may have revived her but she lost everything, she was reborn a new person, "Layla Melfina Ashford.....that's your name".

- - - Birkin's Office - - -
William walked into Birkin's office, he was surprised when he say that Gregroio was there, "Oh..hello General" William said as he took a seat, "Checking up on us" he said we a small laugh, Gregroio let out a laugh as well, "Well...yes and no, i've seen the work you two have done and it's very pleasing" Gregroio pulled out some papers, "We have decided that you, Doctor Rekosuki, will be moved from your place within this team and all files and paperwork relating to your research will be given to Doctor Ashford" Birkin jumped up, slamming his hands down onto the table, "What?!" Gregroio waved his hand, "Please Doctor....clam down, we want you to lead a team of doctors and researchers that have made a breakthrough in non-robotic true human cloning" Gregroio said as he handed the papers over to Birkin, "But...what about my work here?" William turned his head towards Gregroio, "Yes...what about all of our research?" Gregroio turned towards William, "Leaders of the United Nations are deiced, after hearing about your breakthrough, that it would be best to leave life and death what they just are, life and death, that no one should be playing thread between those two" Gregroio stood up, " have until tomorrow to have all of files and paperwork transferred over to William....and I want you William to come with me" Gregroio said as he walked out of the room, William behind him.

- - - William's Office - - -
Gregroio nodded, "You are to continue your research," Gregroio handed some papers to William, ".....These papers....are all about Prototype BMM, and what it really is" William looked them over, "It can't be...." William looked up at Gregroio, " is this possible?"
Gregroio took a deep breath and looked out the window, "....ten years ago.....I was apart of a strike force, we were ordered to stop a man from using a government owned sample and when we reached the man, he pushed the sample into his chest and what happened next, i'll never forget" Gregroio stood up and walked over towards the window, "He started to glow blue and his body started to change into a crystal, his file said he had the power over fire but his power had jumped tenfold, he killed all but a few of my team....." Gregroio placed his hand on the window, "....afterwards, the former General came and ordered that my team be killed for what they saw, that it could never get out"
William looked from the paperwork, "....Then why are you still alive?"
Gregroio lowed his head, "After all killing all but me....he gave me a choice, be killed or fake my death, never speak of what happened again and become the new general" Gregroio turned and faced William, ".....Prototype BMM.....The Omega Project.....they were found over a hundred years ago, somewhere, files of it's location have been deleted long ago......but doctor, as I am sure you have read, you know what they really are" William looked down at the paperwork, "'s apart of the Blue Mist Meteor" Gregroio nodded, "Yes....what is sitting in your laboratory, it a dubbed down liquid version of the Blue Mist Meteor " William was shocked, he would have never thought, "But come Layla hasn't changed like the other man?" Gregroio returned to looking out the window, "Pieces of the meteor have great powers.....beyond anything we've ever seen.....that is why files about it's location have been destroyed and only a few small pieces of the meteor are still around, hidden deep within unknown bases around the world" William set down in his seat, "....this is all....unbelievable".
Gregroio took a seat, running his hand over his hair, "Have you ever heard about Empowered Unit Suits" William looked a little confused, "You mean Birkin's old prototype suit?" Gregroio nodded, "Well yeah.....he only made one of them, they were meant to make the wearer stronger, faster and their power would spike in strength but he could only get the prototype to work with a person who had lightning and even then, it only worked with the power" William took a drink of water from his desk, "Why did you ask?" Gregroio smiled, "We have come to an agreement about your projects, we will let you continue your work on the Ice project and Mimic project but you are to built more of those suits and infuse them with the Prototype BMM and see if you can reach the goal doctor Rekosuki tried for" William felt confused, he wanted more then anything to continue his research but he also didn't want to take away Birkin's work, "I'll do it"

- - - United Nations Army Base - - -

Gregroio was sitting at the head of a round table, he was at a hidden meeting.
General of Russia, Ricson and General of Canada, Lucy were sitting near Gregroio, three other man were at the table.
Former United Nations General, Richard and two of his closer friends, "'s been sometime since we last met, I am sure you have a good reason for bring us here" Richard said, smiling.
Gregroio nodded, "I have.....doctors Rekosuki and Ashfrod" Everybody nodded, "That was within the report you sent us" Ricson replied, "But what does that have to do with us?".
"What I had to leave out of the report was that they used Prototype BMM to do so" Lucy quickly turned her head towards Gregroio, "What?!, who gave it to them" her voice was filled with anger, "please Lucy...clam down, I am sure Gregroio has a good reason for this" Gregroio nodded as a reply to what Richard said, "Now, before all of that happened, someone sent them a sample of it, I do not know who did it but with that small sample, they were able to bring a completely dead girl back to life but she was...still is, in a coma" Gregroio pushed a bottom on the table and screens lifted up from the table and a started to play the video of Layla's 'birth', "This girl, labeled as 'Ice Project' had died that morning, what Doctor Rekosuki and Ashford told me that they needed a person who was dead but still had living cells, only a person who died with a few hours could be used" Gregroio told them, they were all shocked, "Are you saying we can bring the dead back to life now?" Ricson asked.
Gregroio shook his head, "This girl...has no memory of her former life, as you saw in the video, her hair and eyes changed color, even her power" Richard looked over his report, "Are you saying this was the same as ten years ago?" Gregroio again shook his head, "The Prototype BMM is a dubbed down liquid form of the pieces we have, as it stands, it looks like this girl will not become anything like that man" Everybody nodded, "But what if she does go on a rampage?" Lucy asked, she was still angry.
"I have requested that Ashford place a safe word within the girl's mind, when she hears the set of words, she becomes disabled and harmless" Richard smiled, " would seem you have everything under control" Richard took a drink from his glass, "But if that was so....then why are we here for this meeting" Gregroio had to let them know about what could happen. "....Soshi Domerson".
All of them looked towards him, "What about her....." Gregroio knew anything relating to her wasn't good, "....As you all know, during the six year war, Soshi was placed within a Cryo-Sleep but as reports have told us, it failed, Soshi died within the sleep but it kept her body perfectly fine" Gregroio took a breath and grabbed his drink, "....Soshi's body as been kept at this base for the last hundred years, she has been moved from base to base for the last sixteen hundred years and...." Gregroio looked around the room, he knew what he was about to tell them would go great or very bed, "I ran tests on Soshi's body" Ricson and Lucy both slammed their fists on the table, "Gregroio!, you know doing that is punished by death....what were you thinking" Richard cut in, " know how to bring her back" Ricson and Lucy both looked at Richard, "....just like the girl from the video, Soshi still has living cells within her body" Ricson clammed down, "Are you saying we can use the Prototype BMM is bring her back?" Gregroio shook his head, "If we want to wipe away her memories then yes but.....if we were to use a piece of the meteor-" Richard butted in, "You know that is out of the question" Gregroio nodded.
"That is why i've asked you all here......We need to move Soshi and the pieces, after finding out that a sample of Prototype BMM was sent out, I know better now that no matter how careful we are, locations , files and even samples can get out" Gregroio continued, "We can't take the chance of this information getting out and somehow bring Soshi back, it's out of the question, she has to be moved" Everything feel quite for a minute, "I will take her" Ricson said.
"Are you sure?" Gregroio replied, "Can your base handle it" Ricson nodded.
Gregroio nodded, "Then she will be moved to Russia and to be more safe, I have had six keys made, one of all of us and they will be the only way to open the tube that Soshi is placed within".
Gregroio looked around, "Is everybody okay with this" He was met with nods, "Very well-" Richard cut in, "What about the doctors....don't they know to much?"
Gregroio shook his head, "Rekosuki has been moved to lead researcher of another team at my request, he will continue work on human cloning with the team that made that breakthrough" Richard smiled, "and Ashford?" Gregroio wasn't about to tell them he let William know about the pieces, "He will continue his research of his two project and he will begin work on those useless E.U.S that Rekosuki tried to make years ago, he isn't someone to worry about".

- - - Ashford's Laboratory - - -
William had just finished making a video-report, "Layla....why don't you go ahead and go to bed, it's getting late" Layla jumped up from reading a book, "Yes father" and with that, Layla left the room.
William and his wife had welcomed Layla into their family, "....I need more time to research before I will know if this will work or not" William said to himself as he stood up and walked over to a huge tube that was covered up, "....It will take years to re-form the liquid into it's original form and to remove all of the stuff they added to it to dumb it down" William then removed the cover, a very young baby girl was floating within the tube.
William looked away from the tube and turned towards his camera, he walked over and turned it on, "....Hello, my name is William Ashford....." William then took a few steps back and showed the tube, "Inside of this tube, is a one of the kind human....she died before she was even born, eight months within the womb, she had passed away but at ….weird request by the mother, she was placed with a cryotube wasn't until two months later during a very foggy morning, I was sent an unmarked blood sample , I wasn't sure what it was meant for, until during mine and Birkin's research, we found that to truly bring someone back using the Prototype BMM, they needed to have living cells within a dead body" William started to shake a little bit, "by using both the Prototype BMM and blood sample, I was shocked to find out that the baby had come back to life, crystal type of womb formed around her" Dr. Ashford checked out some paperwork, "over the last few months, her body has grown and the crystal as disappeared but something is missing, she is alive but doesn't show signs of thought or dreams" Dr. Ashford wrote something down, "I have come to believe that this girl doesn't have a soul, so to speak, because she died, something left her body, you could call it something like a stream of life but I think a soul is better fit for the word" William turned around and placed his hand on the tube, "This baby was never given a name by her mother, unlike Layla who lost her memories and former life, this baby never had any to begin with" William turned around and faced the camera, "I plan to use the prototype BMM, re-form it back to it's original state and hopefully bring back the soul that was taken from this girl and give her the life she should have been given in the first place" William walked around a little bit, "Some say it is wrong to play God.....but as it stands, in my eyes, this girl should have been given life and if playing God means doing that, then so be it" William took a deep breath, "because of being within the cryotube, I would say that within ten years, her mind and body will be that of a seven year old, Her name will be Aires Melfina Ashford when she awakes, she will believe she is my daughter and remember nothing of all of this, once she comes to life, I will wipe Layla's memories of all of this and take them away, go into hiding and live a normal life with my wife and girls....i love them all".

- - - Nine Years Later = 1641 - - -
William laid on his office floor, blood running from his nose as Birkin stormed out, "I can't believe you've been working on MY suits....." Birkin was yelling as he made his way towards the elevators, "I thought you were my friend" Birkin was filled with anger as in entered into the elevator, a screen was playing a news report, "Another man as come forward about this so called "The Master", a single person who is rumored to run all of the Japanese underground" Birkin heard this and smiled, "That's how I will do it"

- - - A Unknown Location - - -
Birkin was standing within a pure white room, in front of him was a masked man sitting on a throne, "I've heard you have a request of me?" The Master asked Birkin, his voice was filled with boredom.
Birkin smiled, "How would you like unlimited power?" Birkin said, lightning wrapped around The Master's hands, "....I already have better have something more then won't end well if you don't" Birkin took a step backwards, "I do....there is a research building in Meguro" Birkin placed his hands together, "On the sixth floor....within the laboratory, there is a thing called an Empowered Unit can double your power with ease and if the doctor there is finished with the newest version, it could easily do it ten fold" The lightning let up, The Master leaned forward a little, "..hmm.." Birkin's smile became twisted, "And, you should look for something called Prototype BMM or Omega Project, Doctor Ashford should still have some of it around, there is more to it then I've been told but I do know we were able to bring a girl back from the dead using it" The Master stood up and walked over to Birkin, "Why come and tell me of this.....what is your goal in all of this?" Birkin turned around, almost laughing, "In return for this information, I want you to kill William Ashford".

- - - Days Later - - -
William typed wildly into his keyboard, Layla had been placed into a tube next to Aires, who had grown into a young girl.
'95.4% Finished' William read on his screen, Layla's memory wipe was almost finish, alarms had been going off for minutes now, someone had broken into the building, William had to finish quickly.
William walked away from the keyboard and over to a tray, a small blue crystal was laying on top of it, ".....i can't believe I did it...." William picked up the blue crystal and looked at it, "....can't believe..that this little piece of crystal came from the meteor..." William held it in his hand and walked over to Aires tube, he entered the code onto the keypad, the water was drained from the tube and the glass parted.
Aires fell from the tube, William grabbed her and laid her on the floor, he overlooked her naked body, she looked just like any healthy girl, William held the crystal to her chest, it slowly melted into her skin, "I hope this works-" suddenly the door leading into the laboratory was blown open.
A man walked in, his face covered by a mask, William quickly stood up but was knocked backwards by a powerful bolt of lightning.
"Are you William Ashford?" the masked man asked, holding his right hand up, lightning wrapping around it.
William looked towards the screen, '98.7 % Finished', "What if I am?" he slowly stood up,"Wait...your wearing one of the suit-" William was again knocked back by lightning, "I am The Master and I have been requested to take this suit, the Omega Project and your life" William's eyes widened, "....who....who wants me dead?".
The Master walked over to William and aimed his hand at the window, lightning fired from his hand and blow away the window, "I'm sorry doctor...." The Master picked William up by his shirt and walked over to the window, "Please...don't do this" The Master laughed, "It's too late for that now".
"Put down my daddy!"
The Master turned his head, William couldn't believe his eyes, "....hmm" The Master aimed his other hand and lightning shot towards the young girl, "No!" William yelled out.
The lightning stopped short of hitting the girl, "Run Aires!" William yelled out, the lightning had hit some type of shield.
Aires just stood there, The Master dropped William onto the floor, "Little girls should listen to their fathers" The Master walked over to Aires as Lee enter the room, "Master....Sin just informed me that the alarms just went off, we've got less then five minutes to get outta here" Lee looked around, "who is the little girl"
Aires looked at Lee, then The Master and finally towards William, "....." blue lightning wrapped around Aires as a wave of power pulsed from her body.
William, The Master, and Lee were all knocked into the walls behind them, "Wha.....what was that?" The Master asked, shocked.
William looked at Aires, "it worked.....the Omega Project worked" The Master looked at William then Aires, "....Lee, we need that girl, knock her out now!" The Master jumped up, "You'll live today Doctor but your life won't last much longer" The Master said, he ran over and grabbed some paperwork before leaving the room, "Quickly Lee!"
Lee faced towards Aires as flames covered his hands, "Sorry little girl but my fire won't be stopped by your lightning" Lee ran forward and swung his blazing fist towards Aires, "Run!" William yelled out.
Aires swung her fist at Lee's, their fist connected, suddenly flames wrapped around Aires' fist, "how...but how did you?" Lee was stunned, "....mimic powers?" William said as lightning and flames built up around Aires, "....Oh no!" William dived behind Layla's tube as an explosion of fire and lightning filled the room.

- - - The Next Day - - -
General Eczaybier was standing within Dr. William's lap, "....who is this?" The general asked, pointing towards a burnt body, "Report says his name was Lee Dogi" Gregroio nodded, "And where is William and the Ice Project?" Gregroio turned towards Kia, "We don't know but there is more" Kia handed Gregroio some paperwork, "it would seem that Dr. Ashford was working with something called Prototype BMM and it would seem he was able to form it into a crystal type form" Gregroio looked shocked, "He reformed it....goddammit" Gregroio calmed his face and nodded, "Discard that, I need to speak to General Ricson, clean this place up and seal away all files about it" Gregroio walked out of the room, "What have you done you even know"