What is his name?

Where is he from?

How old is he?

You can no remembering of me

But from that rainy day

You offered me shelter under your umbrella

And I swore I found love next to me

Hard heartbeat pressed my breast

Took my breathing away

I still get excited thinking of you.

What is his fave food?

Does he like romantic movies?

What is his worst lie?

What was his first love?

I don't know who you are

Not matter to me if your past is gray

Or if you broke heart of anyone

I like you and it's inevitable

Even if I've not been able to meet you again

Chemistry is strong attraction

We gravitate on same orbit

I'm always searching for you in my dreams

Finding nothing but that rainy day

When I was lonesome

Going to nowhere in middle on cold streets.

Chorus: I have a crush on a stranger

I felt warmth inside of me

As soon as I saw him

Is it love at first glance?

I was incredulous till I met him X 2

Bridge: shall we meet together again?

Strangers to each other

But from that rainy day

I whipped my tears and found love next to me.

Chorus: X 2